Blonde Shampoo: What Is It & Why You Might Need It

Blonde Shampoo: What Is It & Why You Might Need It

Blonde shampoo, which also is known as purple shampoo, is designed specifically for individuals with blonde, silver or gray hair. These shampoos contain purple pigments that can transform the look of your natural or color-treated blonde hair. Let’s take a look at all that a blonde shampoo can do for your locks.


Why Is Blonde Shampoo Purple?

If you look at a color wheel, you might notice that purple is on the opposite side of yellow. Because they are opposites, purple essentially neutralizes or tones the brassy yellow tones in your hair, which results in a more natural, beautiful blonde color.  Here are the benefits:

1. Blond Shampoo Neutralizes Brassy Tones - Over time, blonde hair can develop unwanted brassy or yellow tones due to factors like sun exposure, hard water, or hair product build-up and residue. Blonde shampoo contains violet or purple pigments that help counteract these brass and tones to restore a cooler, more natural-looking blonde color. 


2. Blonde Shampoo Enhances Brightness - Blonde shampoo can enhance the brightness and vibrancy of your blonde hair. The purple pigments in the shampoo work to brighten and illuminate the hair, giving it a fresh and revitalized appearance. In addition, blonde shampoos remove pesky build-up and residue which can weigh down hair and make it appear dull. With Colorproof Daily Blonde Shampoo we also include Safflower and Marula Oils that not only nourish hair but delivery glossy shine.  


3. Maintain Your Color Balance - If you have highlights or balayage your blonde hair, different sections of your hair may have varying shades creating dimension. Blonde shampoo can help maintain consistency throughout your desired shades and highlights, ensuring that all the blonde tones blend seamlessly.


4. Blonde Shampoo Extends Time Between Treatment - Regular use of blonde shampoo can help prolong the life of your hair color, reducing the frequency of salon visits for touch-ups. By neutralizing brassiness and maintaining color vibrancy, you can extend the time between professional color treatments. While blonde shampoo will not address regrowth, it will help maintain your signature shade longer. Colorproof’s Daily Blonde Shampoo includes our Advanced Color Last System of potent antioxidants and proteins to add that extra dose of color protection to keep your salon shade brilliant long after you leave the salon. 


5. Blonde Shampoo Can Boost Silver Hair & Grey Hair - Purple-tinted shampoos are not just for blondes; it is also beneficial for individuals with silver or gray hair. These pigments work to restore a cooler, more silvery shade and prevent the hair from appearing dull or discolored. The shampoo's toning action can enhance the brightness and vibrancy of gray or silver hair, making it look fresh and revitalized. It eliminates any unwanted yellow or dull tones, resulting in a more radiant and polished look.


Can You Use Blonde Shampoo on Brown Hair?

Surprisingly, blonde shampoo also can enhance the look of light to medium brown hair, eliminating any brassy tones. While brunettes don't typically experience as much brassiness as blondes, purple shampoos can still help maintain a cooler tone and enhance the richness and depth of brown hair. It can provide a subtle toning effect, giving brunettes a more vibrant and balanced look. Depending on the specific shade of brown hair, purple shampoos can add a touch of coolness and depth to the hair color. For example, if you have cool-toned or ashy brown hair, using a purple shampoo can help enhance those undertones and maintain the desired coolness. It can prevent the hair from appearing dull or warm-toned and maintain a more consistent and balanced brunette shade.


Can You Use Blonde Shampoo Daily?

With some brands of blonde shampoo, it is recommended that you only use the shampoo once or twice per week. However, at Colorproof, our blonde shampoo is gentle enough for daily use. For other brands, we recommend reading the instructions carefully to determine if the shampoo is suitable for frequent use.



About Colorproof Daily Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Our Daily Blonde Shampoo gently cleanses the hair (without stripping) while brightening blonde, lightened and silver/gray hair. This shampoo cancels out all the brassiness and yellow tones, leaving your hair revitalized, color fresh and protected.


Not only will this shampoo combat drying and damage caused by lightening, but it also helps prolong the life and vibrancy of hair color. Best of all, it’s highly concentrated, so just a little bit goes a long way.


The purple shampoo (and purple conditioner) features a light scent of citrus, jasmine and coconut and is fortified with biotin, which can help strengthen strands and repair damage caused by lightening.


Our Daily Blonde Conditioner also helps to neutralize those brassy tones without over-toning your hair. The conditioner also restores brightness, detangles and nourishes the hair, protecting it from environmental factors and styling products.


We also recommend using our Weekly Blonde Masque, which can further color correct and neutralize brassy tones. The masque enriches the hair and smooths the cuticle, providing you with shiny, radiant and color-protected hair. To use, simply apply the masque to clean, wet hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse. 



Sulfate-Free & Cruelty-Free Blonde Shampoo

As with all of our products, the Daily Blonde Shampoo and Daily Blonde Conditioner are 100% vegan and sulfate-free. Our products also are free from all known carcinogens as well as free from PABA, gluten, mineral oils, keratin and phthalates.


At Colorproof, we aren’t just passionate about providing high-performance products, we also strive to produce ethical products that match our clients’ sustainability goals. All of our products are cruelty-free, and we strive to use sustainable, recyclable packaging whenever possible.


Many people mistakenly believe that a vegan shampoo is automatically a cruelty-free shampoo, but that is not the case. Some vegan products are tested on animals, they just don’t contain any non-vegan ingredients. Be sure to look for quality hair products that are both cruelty-free and 100% vegan.


Shop For Blonde Shampoo Now

Our purple shampoo products are available individually or as a Bundle that includes the Daily Blonde Shampoo, Daily Blonde Conditioner and the Weekly Blonde Masque. Opting for the bundle is a fabulous way to save money on your favorite Colorproof products.


We also highly recommend signing up for our emails to learn about upcoming sales and special events. In addition to our Toning Collection, we have so many other incredible formulas formulated for specific hair needs so be sure to take our Hair Quiz to identify which are best to achieve your hair goals.




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