Our Story

Connected by Color

We are connected by color. Color is adventure, joy and opportunity. Color sparks connection to the world and each other.


Powered by Proof

What we have is magic in a bottle. Not just because we say so, but because of scientific and peer proof.


Because we Care

Our brand has heart. We deeply value and care for our community and Earth. Through clean innovation and giving back, we make a difference.

The Proof is in your color
The Colorful

Colorproof is deeply inspired by and connected to all things color. We celebrate curls, turn up the volume, and quench thirsty strands—all while setting the tone and keeping color bright. We create rich textures, use highly concentrated formulas and intoxicating fragrances that color your senses and bring the bold to each and every day. Because dull isn’t in our vocabulary, and fading into the background is never an option.

Product Line Up