Bridal Hair 101: Everything You Need to Know for the Big Day

Bridal Hair 101: Everything You Need to Know for the Big Day

The big day is fast approaching, and as a bride-to-be, we know you want everything to be absolutely perfect--flowers, music, decor, and of course, your HAIR! After all, your wedding photos will be treasured forever, so you want to look gorgeous from head to toe. But deciding how to wear your hair on the big day is not an easy task. With so many styles and options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. That's why knowing how to choose the right hairstyle and products is key to achieving your dream wedding day look. And don't worry; we're here to help! In this post, we’ll be sharing tips on how to choose your perfect wedding day hairdo that will make you feel confident and beautiful, including expert wedding day hair advice from Colorproof Ambassador David Cruz in Mane Addict’s article, “Here’s What I Wish I Knew About Bridal Hair Before My Wedding.” Plus, we'll introduce you to the ColorProof Bridal Bundle, which has everything you need to create a bridal hairstyle you'll fall in love with + keep it perfectly in place throughout the special day (and all at a special savings – wink wink).



  • Decide On the Style You Want:
    Before you can choose the right hair products, you need to know the hairstyle you want – consider factors such as your face shape, hair length and style of wedding dress and then get to researching! This could mean browsing Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, or wedding magazines for inspiration or looking to your hair stylist for suggestions. Once you've explored your options, pick a style that flatters you and makes YOU feel most comfortable! Remember, a great hairstyle should make you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable throughout the day and night. 




  • Think About the Environment You'll Be In
    When choosing hair products and a style, consider the environment and season in which you'll be getting married. If you're having a beach wedding, humidity is a factor to consider (and even wind), and if the wedding is during the summertime, heat and sweat are also essential elements to consider. All Around Working Hairspray is perfect a light or soft hold, while Epic Hold Hairspray will keep hair in place in all weather conditions. Indoor or out, Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray is a must-have for controlling frizz and providing humidity-resistant hold!





After you have a clear idea of your desired look, it's time to set up a bridal hair trial and communicate your thoughts with your stylist (which you can do either before or during the first consultation). They'll be able to provide recommendations and advise you on what will work best for both your hair type and texture! We recommend booking at least one consultation with your hairstylist to discuss your ideas and ask for their recommendations. You can also bring along pictures of hairstyles you like or photos of your wedding dress and hair accessories to further bring your vision to life! Cruz suggests bringing "your veil or other hair accessories to your trial session so your hairstylist can incorporate them into your hairstyle. Trust your stylist's opinion on the look. This isn't their first rodeo."




Did someone say Instant Reboot and Baobab Recovery to the rescue? With all the heat styling, hairspray and other products that go into getting your hair wedding-ready, it's important to give it some extra care well in advance of the big day! Hair masks are a great addition to your pre-wedding routine and the next best thing to a salon treatment. Cruz recommends doing a hair mask treatment "a few weeks before the wedding to ensure your hair is in top shape” and using ColorProof’s Instant Reboot Treatment Masque for ultra-nourishment. And if you're looking for a full pre-wedding regimen to prepare your locks, Cruz recommends using ColorProof’s Baobab Recovery ShampooBaobab Recovery Conditioner and Baobab Recovery Treatment Spray.


Pro-Tip: As hair lovers, we know it might be difficult, but Cruz strongly advises that you resist the urge to make any drastic changes to your hair right before the wedding, "such as dyeing or cutting it short." Keep it simple and stick with styles and colors you're comfortable with that suit your face shape and skin tone. 



Your wedding day hair is no place for mediocre or unreliable products! You need hair care and styling products that can deliver excellent results, withstand humidity, heat and moisture, and protect your hair from damage. And that's where the Colorproof Bridal Bundle comes in! This exclusive bundle not only allows you to save some money (yes, please!) but it includes all of the wedding day must-haves: Volume Blow Dry Spray, All Around Working Hairspray and Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray. Let's learn why each one is necessary for the big day and how to use them together: 

First step: Volume Blow Dry Spray

  • One of the most sought-after looks for a bride is voluminous hair, and Volume Blow Dry Spray can help you achieve that look, whether you have fine or thick hair! This spray is ideal for brides who want their hair to look amazing both in pictures and in person, because it's designed to provide body and lift so that hair looks full and bouncy without ever weighing it down. Start by using Volume Blow Dry Spray to add volume and heat protection to your hair as you blow dry it – it’s the perfect solution for getting that “wow” factor on your big day! 



Second Step: All Around Working Hairspray

  • We don't need to tell you why hairspray is an essential tool on your wedding day, but what we WILL tell you is that All Around Working Hairspray is an absolute game-changer of its kind. Once your hair is styled, spray All Around Working Hairspray to give it hold and flexibility. It offers a unique combination of grip and flexibility, allowing your hair to maintain its shape throughout the day while also being able to move and flow naturally without making your hair feel stiff or crunchy. Because the last thing you want is for your hair to feel uncomfortable on your big day! All Around Working Hairspray provides the perfect balance for keeping your hair looking its best during the big day and can even be brushed out and restyled if needed. According to Cruz, the All Around Working Hairspray is perfect for maintaining flawless hair throughout your wedding day because you can set and re-set your style all day with its non-flaky, water-repellent and reactivatable formula. 

Third Step: Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray

  • Your final step before walking out the door. When it comes to bridal hair, fighting humidity should be a top priority. That’s why we recommend having Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray on speed dial! This product is an absolute lifesaver for brides concerned about frizz and flyaways because it's specially formulated to seal the cuticle of your hair and keep moisture out, leaving your hair looking smooth and polished throughout the day. When you finish with Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray, you can dance the night away without worrying about your hair becoming a big, frizzy mess! 


With these three products working together, you’ll achieve your dream bridal hairstyle in no time!





Don't forget that while wedding planning and preparation can be overwhelming and stressful, it's also a fun and exciting time to cherish with your loved ones! Your wedding day hair is just one aspect of your big day, and the most important thing is to feel happy, beautiful and in love. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and enjoy every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


By following these tips and incorporating the ColorProof Bridal Bundle, you can ensure perfect hair that lasts all day and night! So, go ahead and enjoy your big day, knowing that your hair will look absolutely amazing, and be sure to tag us in your beautiful bridal looks on Instagram (@colorproofhair)! 




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