Summer Hair Saviors

Summer Hair Saviors

The Secret to Summer-Proof Hair: Your Summer Hair Struggles Solved

Summer is a season of sunshine, outdoor adventures and relaxation. However, it also brings unique challenges for our hair. The combination of heat, humidity, UV rays and frequent exposure to chlorinated or saltwater can wreak havoc on our tresses. Thankfully, Colorproof has developed a range of innovative products that effectively combats the five biggest hair challenges faced during the summer months. Summer is here to stay (at least for a few months), and so can your hair health and color! Let's explore how Colorproof’s vegan haircare products can keep your locks healthy, vibrant and protected all season long.

Summer Struggle #1: Frizz

Summer heat and humidity can strip moisture from your hair, leading to dryness and frizz. Ugghh. With humidity on the rise, it is essential to create a base where you are locking hydration in and then creating a protective seal to block humidity. Colorproof’s Moisture Collection is designed to infuse lightweight moisture into the hair shaft to nourish parched strands while keeping color vibrant. The Moisture Masque provides an extra boost of moisture for those days when your hair needs some extra TLC. While hair is still damp, try applying Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth throughout mid-lengths and ends to tame frizz and smooth hair. Lastly, as your final step before heading out the door, finish with the Humidity Rx® Weatherproof Spray. This zero-hold, frizz-defying spray seals in moisture while creating a humidity-resistant shield with added color protection and glossy shine. 

Summer Struggle #2: Accelerated Color Fade

With so much time spent outdoors in the summer months, it is no wonder that fading color is a huge concern! The scorching sun and UV rays can cause color-treated hair to fade quickly, leaving your locks looking dull and lackluster. Like you would wear sunscreen on your face and body, hair also needs protection! Luckily, every product within the Colorproof line has our Advanced Color Last System, so you can layer on the protection in every step of your hair care regimen to combat that fade. Start with the Colorproof shampoo and conditioner best for your hair needs and follow with Essential Leave-In Treatment to detangle, minimize breakage and set the stage for lasting vibrancy. Next, style as desired. We recommend Radically Smooth Taming Crème for a smooth look, or if you are looking to enhance your natural texture, try Tru Curl Defining Crème

Summer Struggle #3: Sun-Parched Strands

Aside from fading color, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause significant damage to your hair, leaving it weak, brittle and prone to breakage. Combat the effects of overly dry hair by ensuring hair is in its healthiest state possible. Colorproof's Baobab Recovery range is specifically designed to restore and repair damaged hair. The Baobab Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner infuse your hair with moisture, while the Baobab Recovery Treatment Spray is an incredible leave-in conditioner designed to deliver reparative benefits long after you leave the shower while protecting against future damage. During the summer months, be sure to incorporate a hair masque into your hair care routine to treat hair to an extra dose of hydration. Moisture Masque is perfect for restoring lost moisture and leaving hair feeling nourished and revitalized. 

Summer Struggle #4: Chlorine & Salt Water Damage
Chlorine and salt water can both damage hair and contribute to color fading. Chlorine strips away natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle while weakening its protein structure and causing color-treated hair to fade. In addition, pool water can lead to discoloration and leave residue on the hair. For all the ocean swimmers out there, saltwater is not much better! It dehydrates hair and swells the cuticle leading to dryness and brittleness and matted and tangled hair (see #5). Since NOT swimming is NEVER an option, be sure to take special care to remove chlorine, minerals, salt water and build-up from hair as soon as possible. If the beach or pool has a shower, use it before you take the plunge to saturate hair with clean water. Hair is porous like a sponge and will absorb to its capacity, leaving little room to take on chlorinated water or saltwater. Rinse directly after your swim as well. As soon as you can give hair a proper wash, use Clear It Up Shampoo to gently remove damaging triggers without stripping hair. And, of course, follow with your favorite conditioner. This will leave your hair light, clean, soft and shiny. For stubborn build-up, we recommend Pre-Tox Spray before you shampoo to help lift and filter away damaging residue.

Summer Struggle #5: Matted or Tangled Tresses

Being outdoors inevitably leads to tangled and matted hair, which can be particularly frustrating in the summer months. Tangling can lead to breakage and damage due to increased friction, causing hair strands to rub against each other. These tangles result in knots and snags, which can be difficult to get through, and with aggressive or obsessive combing, can result in hair breakage and split ends. To help prevent and work through those knots, try Colorproof Essential Leave-In, specifically designed to detangle, soften and smooth hair, making it easier to comb through while delivering revitalizing nutrients within. In addition, this incredible formula offers an added boost of color protection to keep color vibrant. 

While Colorproof range offers so many incredible solutions to your summer hair challenges, we’ve narrowed it down to our most popular summer hair saviors that every summer girl or boy should have in their shower and bundled them together for you at a savings! Our limited edition Summer Bundle includes: Clear It Up Shampoo, Essential Leave-In and Moisture Masque and we even through in a CP Detangle Comb to take with you on your summer adventures. Check it out, and happy summer!



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