Color Expert: ’23 Fall Color Trends

Color Expert: ’23 Fall Color Trends

Let’s be honest. There is nothing quite like leaving the salon with fresh new color to welcome a new season. Before you arrive at that appointment, though, it is best to have a color plan. Looking for some inspiration now that temps are starting to drop? We’ve got you. While summer was all about bright, sun-kissed strands and funky colors, fall trends are all about transitioning to warmer, cozier tones. We tapped Colorproof’s Global Vice President of Education (and stylist extraordinaire), Tim Abney, to see what’s trending for fall.

What hair color trends do you foresee heading into fall?

We are going to see a departure from the money pieces, especially strategic colors framing the face in high contrast tones. Those were fun for a while, but the trends are moving towards ash/gold tones, expensive and luscious brunettes with a bronze reflection that works to make the darker hair colors look richer and multi-dimensional. Ash gold, typically a contradiction of terms, will make a big appearance moving into the fall when people want to hold onto the feeling of blonde but celebrate the warmer hue of the autumn months.



We have noticed copper hair becoming the next big thing, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney setting the example. Can you speak to what this hair color entails and the best way to maintain a fresh copper color?

When talking about copper, we need to first speak to the trend toward red hair color. With reds specifically, we will move away from the cooler undertones that can sometimes translate to artificial. More and more people will start to embrace natural hues of red because it lasts longer and because it compliments a wider array of skin tones. Specifically with copper, made more popular now by celebs like Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney, more and more people are gravitating to warmer metallic tones simply because, again, it’s more complimentary to a variety of skin tones but also because it allows the wearer to be a little more daring while still living within a palette that mimics nature.


Technically, copper is in a class of hair color known to fade quickly. This is because red color molecules tend to leave the hair faster. Maintenance and at-home care is key. To maintain the life of your copper hue, it’s a great idea to shampoo less often (2-3 times per week) with Colorproof’s Moisture Shampoo but still condition daily with a conditioner known to close the cuticle like Smooth Conditioner to lock down the cuticle, thereby preserving the vibrancy of your hair color longer. You also need to protect hair from environmental offenders (sun, pollution, hard water) by using a product like NEW Essential Leave-In (coming soon) and protect from heat styling color fade by using a product like Volume Blow Dry Spray to not only build volume, body and style but also protect the hair from heat styling tools.

Additionally, lots of celebrities seem to be transitioning back to their natural color (i.e. Karli Kloss, Sofia Richie etc.) – what is the best way to grow out dyed blonde hair while keeping it healthy and strong?

Growing out dyed blonde hair is a bold move, and at Colorproof, we celebrate the boldness of every individual. When transitioning from high lift blonde back to your natural hue, we need to reestablish a strong foundation by treating the hair more often with a product like Instant Reboot Treatment Masque. This product will instantly repair, nourish, and revitalize your strands, allowing them to hold onto color longer. After this, we recommend using a semi-permanent hair color because that will allow for more seamless color play between the dyed blonde ends and your natural regrowth. This prevents such a hard line of demarcation that is much more noticeable during the grow-out phase. Using a semi-permanent hair color also creates the opportunity for you to try more shades until you arrive at your desired tone.

We have also seen the “expensive brunette” trend picking up speed. Are there ways to elevate naturally brunette hair with shampoos and conditioners to get that high dimension and shiny look without committing to highlights or balayage at a salon visit?

Absolutely! Healthy hair naturally reflects light, creating more luster and shine. Incorporating a product like Smooth Drops can mimic the natural rise and fall of tones and depth in your brunette colors more effectively for rich-looking results.


What haircare ingredients do you look to when transitioning from warm summer months to the cooler and dryer fall and winter months to keep hair strong and silky?

Much like you change your skincare regimen seasonally, we recommend you take the same approach with your hair care. During the spring and summer, hair benefits more from ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil because of its high level of UV blocking filters. Moving into the fall and winter, the care of dry, fragile hair should be at the forefront of your mind. Moving from a cold outside into an artificially heated indoor environment can wreak havoc on your tresses. They dry out much more quickly, leading to lackluster and less flexible strands as well as an increase in breakage. To circumvent this, look for products containing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid that is in the Moisture Collection of products because of its innate ability to help the hair and scalp retain essential hydration and moisture. Another great ingredient is a plant-based Squalane, a powerful ingredient in the Recovery Collection of products because it mimics the skin’s natural oils, making it an incredible moisturizer to boost hydration, increase shine and suppleness and help prevent future damage.


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