Winter Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Winter Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

The holidays may be over, but winter isn’t. Struggling to get through the season with happy hair?

You’re far from alone. Between chilly temperatures, dry conditions and more storms than usual, this winter is turning into a hair hurdle for us all!

If you’re as color-obsessed as we are, we’re here to help. Despite the extra challenge of protecting color-treated hair, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for maintaining vibrant, healthy locks all season long.

Keep reading for our top five winter care tips for colored hair:

Add Extra Hydration to Your Routine

Color-lovers already know that hydration is essential for healthy hair – especially if you bleach your strands. But when temperatures plummet, this part of your routine becomes even more important!

The reason is quite scientific: when the air is dry, it sucks excess hydration directly from your hair, leaving your locks extra thirsty and prone to breakage.

To combat this seasonal dilemma, switching to hydrating products across the board is a great first step. This includes the shower, where our Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner can make all the difference!

Colorproof Moisture Collection

These lightweight products feature a gentle formula that rehydrates and replenishes dry hair from root to strand. They nourish your scalp and help fight free radicals, ultimately making your locks more resilient in the face of dry weather.

Oh, and they’re all about protecting colored hair. No matter your shade, they’ll help prolong your hair color for lasting vibrance!

Indulge in a Weekly Hair Mask

Another easy way to ward off the perils of winter weather is a weekly moisturizing treatment like our beloved Moisture Masque.

Designed to strengthen and repair thirsty hair, this hydration-focused formula infuses luster and shine along the entire hair shaft. Apply it after shampooing and wait just two minutes for transformative results! Again, this step is extra important if you’re rocking bleached and colored locks.

Plus, there’s something extra luxurious about setting aside time for weekly winter hair TLC. What better way to pass the time during longer, darker nights? For bonus points, elevate your hair indulgence day with a bath, your favorite music and some cozy candles.

Embrace Oil Treatments

Once you’ve incorporated a hydrating shampoo, conditioner and masque into your routine, it’s time to level things up with winter’s #1 most important ingredient: oil.

Don’t worry – we’re not talking about the thick, heavy oils that weigh down or discolor your hair. We have a range of lightweight oil treatments that strike the perfect balance between hydrating and volumizing!

First, we always recommend using our best-selling Smooth Drops during both dry and humid weather. This gloss-inducing formula has a featherlight finish that your hair will instantly absorb. On top of eliminating frizz, it also boosts shine, smoothness and color vibrancy.

Similarly, our Cuticle Closer adds fluidity, shine and an instant slip to brittle, breaking strands. However, this one is a liquid rinse-out that seals your hair’s surface after shampoo and conditioner. You’ll love how silky your hair feels, especially after a blowout!

Colorproof Cuticle Closer

Finally, for something a bit more end-to-end, you’ll love our Thicken Scalp Serum. If your hair woes seem to be rooted in dryness at the scalp, this is the perfect product for restoring that follicle health! Massage a few drops into your scalp twice daily on damp or dry hair and enjoy stronger growth and brighter colors no matter the weather.

Cut Down on High Heat

This may sound counterintuitive, but heat might actually contribute to your winter dryness.

The first place where heat may hurt is the shower. As nice as warming up in a piping-hot shower feels, those high-water temperatures can strip moisture from your strands. The compromise here isn’t taking cooler showers (that would be a bummer) – instead, just switch to lukewarm or cold water only when washing and rinsing your hair.

The second place where heat may hurt shouldn’t come as a surprise: your go-to heat styling tools are extra damaging this time of year. When your hair is already dryer than usual, those straighteners, curlers and blow dryers are extra powerful!

If possible, try to limit using these tools – especially if you’re struggling to maintain your color. When you do have to use them, we recommend being extra diligent about heat protection.

In addition to using a daily heat protectant like our Essential Leave-In, we love adding the Moisture Styling Creme! It focuses on locking in that much-needed hydration to secure a smooth, soft finish.

Bundle Up in Colder Weather

Our last tip for protecting colored hair this winter has to do with the final step in your routine: leaving the house!

If you remember just one thing, let it be this: never go outside with wet hair in cold weather. The whole ‘dry air sucking moisture out of your locks’ thing? It’s even more of a risk when the temperature is extra chilly. If you’re rushing to get out the door, you’d be better off using the blow dryer than air-drying.

Next, be sure to cover your hair with a hat when it’s cold or stormy. It’s simply the easiest way to shield your locks against the elements!

If you forget one or can’t bring yourself to risk the hat hair, you’ll get similar results from a tight bun or low ponytail. The less hair you expose to the air, the better, so just focus on tucking away as many strands as possible.

Despite the extra challenge of winter weather, we know your hair is as beautiful as ever! Keep sharing your Colorproof success stories with us using the hashtag #ColorproofHair on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproohair), where we’ll keep posting hair tips all season long.

Stay warm out there, everyone!

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