5 Romantic Hair Looks for Valentine’s Day 

5 Romantic Hair Looks for Valentine’s Day 

No matter your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your styling skills. Whether you’re dressing up for a dreamy date or glamming up for girl’s night, your hair deserves some time in the limelight.

Need some inspiration to choose the perfect sweetheart’s style? We’ve gathered our top five romantic hair looks for Valentine’s Day.

Clear some room on your table for roses – these will have your beloved (or besties) swooning in no time!

5 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

1. The Date Night Blowout

The classic voluminous blowout has always felt flirtatious. For a bold romantic hairstyle, it doesn’t get better than this flowing look!

To achieve bounce, body, and salon-style shine, you’ll need either a rounded blow dryer or a circular blow dry brush.

But a stunning blowout doesn’t start with the hair dryer; it starts in the shower. Shampoo and conditioner can have a major impact on your blowout, so it’s important to use products that address your specific hair needs. Our Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner will be especially helpful here!

Colorproof Volume Collection

After your shower, it’s time to towel dry your hair and add your styling products. Thanks to their powerful heat protection, the Lift It Mousse and Volume Blow Dry Spray are perfect for this stage! Apply the mousse at the roots and the spray from root to end.

Now it’s time to dry! Start with a rough dry (using low heat to reach about 70% dryness), then use the round brush or dryer to style your hair by section.

When you’re finished, use a finisher – like a dash of our Radically Smooth® Taming Crème – to add shine and tame lingering frizz.

2. Bubble Braids and Ponies

Looking for an eye-catching look with a playful vibe? Bubble braids might be the style for you.

The best part about the hair bubble trend is its versatility. Depending on your hair length, you can incorporate bubbles into your favorite go-to styles!

One popular option is the high, sleek bubble pony. Start by brushing back your hair section by section, then use your favorite styling product to slick back the sides and flyaways. Our Rule Breaker Defining Wax is great for shine and hold, and our All Around Working Hairspray is strong enough to tame unruly strands.

Rule Breaker Defining Wax

Next, grab a few clear rubber bands and a texturizer, like our Texture Charge Defining Finishing Spray or Fiber Blast Texture Crème. Apply it along your pony, then start tying off equal sections of your hair one at a time. After each section is tied off, gently loosen and scrunch the hair to achieve a fluffy bubble.

Another option is to begin with French braids. For example, French braid both sides of your hair from the part to behind your ear, then use the remaining hair to create two low, bubbled ponies. If you didn’t get enough volume from rubber bands alone, you can also split your pony and push the end through the middle of each bubble, then use the Texture Charge Defining Finishing Spray to tease.

Pro-tip: Thick hair is easier to style into the big, bouncy bubbles you know and love. If thickness has been on your hair wishlist, check out our best-selling Biorepair Thicken Shampoo and Biorepair Thicken Conditioner. Both target the scale to help encourage new growth.

3. The Hidden Heart Twist

Do you proudly wear your heart on your sleeve? Wear it on your hair, too, with his easy heart-shaped twist!

Anyone with strong styling skills can pull this one off, but you’ll have an easier time with long, unlayered hair.

Start by drying and styling your hair normally – waves, curls and straight hair all work well. Be sure to use a smoothing styling product as you go, like our best-selling Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth or Smooth Drops. Or, if your hair doesn’t hold shape very well, opt for Fiber Blast Texture Crème.

Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth

Next, use rubber bands to tie off two equal sections of your hair, just below the crown of your head and facing directly backward. They should be 1 - 2 inches apart.

Now it’s time to twist! Take one of the small ponies, and tightly twist it up and toward your scalp. As you twist, use the pony to create a half-heart shape. Start upward, and then continue twisting out toward your ear and back down toward your neck. Pin it with bobby pins along the way, including one at the bottom tip of your half-heart.

Repeat the same steps on the other side and cross the end of one pony over the other to complete the bottom of the heart. Finally, pinch your hair together where you place your rubber bands and connect them with a bobby pin.

And voila! You now have a soft sweetheart, hidden right in your hair.

4. The Androgynous Slick Back

Short-haired girlies, we’d never forget about you! In fact, we’re loving a fresh, trendy look you may never have considered: the wet, androgynous slick back.

If you have longer hair, you can also follow these steps for a more feminine style (think Kim K’s 2018 era for the final look).

Grab a hair dryer, flat brush, hairspray, comb and a gel or wax that works on wet hair. The Rule Breaker Defining Wax is perfect for this!

Start with dry hair, then use your fingers or a spray bottle to wet it as you slick it directly back by hand. You don’t need to soak your whole head – just enough for it to look wet at the top-most layer.

Then, using your fingers, work the wax into your hair, focusing again on the wet top layer. Be sure to slick the sides, too. Next, use your hair dryer (ideally with the slot-shaped attachment) to brush your hair back again as you dry the wet section.

Finally, use a fine-toothed comb to slick everything back one more time, then finish with your strongest hairspray. The Epic Hold Hairspray and Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray will both do the trick!

Epic Hold Hairspray

5. The Soft Updo

Need something soft and simple to complement your Valentine’s Day outfit? You can never go wrong with an updo. There’s an infinite number of ways to style this look, but the key to all of them is the same: volume and control.

For the latter, using the Volume Blow Dry Spray after your shower is your best bet. As for control, we love using the Powder Fix Spray right before twisting and pinning.

Powder Fix Spray

You can find an array of updo tutorials for your hair length, but here’s the easiest method we recommend.

Pull your hair back into a low pony, then use your fingers to gently loosen some strands at the back of your head. Use another hair tie to start tying the pony back a second time but stop with only half of your hair pulled through. Leave the loose bun as is, then wrap the un-pulled section of your hair around the ties to cover them.

Next, split the hair on the back of your head into two sections. Gather the bulk of your pony and half-bun in one hand, then gently push your handful of hair down into the opening. Don’t push it all the way through – stop when everything is sitting in a sturdy, curved position.

Finally, use bobby pins to clean everything up! Push loose strands into the bun and pull forward any face-framing pieces.

Congratulations, you just completed your very own DIY Valentine’s Day updo!

From all of us here at Colorproof, we hope your Valentine’s Day is fun, romantic and filled with plenty of Insta-worthy hair moments. And, to celebrate Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day, save 20% on ALL treatments & stylers from 2/9-2/14 at 11:59 PST. Whether it’s for you or someone special, use code “LOVE20” at checkout!

As always, we want to see your styling success stories! Share yours with hashtag #ColorproofHair on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproohair).


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