Tru Curl + Plush Locks

Tru Curl + Plush Locks


Color Crush: Tru Curl + Plush Locks


We know it is important to have products that multi-task and work as hard as you do! We also see the importance of flexing a little creative freedom when it comes to how you care for and style your hair! 

That's why we are taking our 2023 campaign, Coloring Outside the Lines, and applying it to our Color Crush Program. This year, we will be featuring TWO products from the Colorproof lineup to compare and contrast, blend and layer and ultimately showcase why when it comes to creating personalized haircare routine, forget about "either/or"; you can have both! 

To kick off our new and improved Color Crush program, we are spotlighting two of our most beloved products for smoothing, nourishing and defrizzing all hair types and textures: Tru Curl® Enhancing Crème & Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth®!


Why Tru Curl & Plush Locks?


1. Same head of hair, two different looks. 

For those who like to change up their look (and who doesn't?), taking home two products makes it simple for a midweek style switch-up. Kick off the week smooth and sleek with a Plush Locks-fueled blow dry, and by end of the week, let your natural texture shine (literally) with a bit of Tru Curl! 

2. Award-winning and editor-adored formulas.

One try, and you'll see what makes Plush locks a Beauty Launchpad Readers' Choice Winner and Tru Curl® a favorite of publications like The Zoe Report. 

3. Use with heat. Or not. 

Depending on your personal preference and desired end result, these two formulas work equally well with and without heat. The choice is yours! 

4. A Curl's Best Friend. 

Whether you choose to go straight or swirly, this dynamic duo offers the smooth control and curl definition your textured clients crave to complement their curl care routine. 

5. Talk Texture. 

Where smooth or wavy, sleek or mussed, these two formulas give you a variety of ways to embrace yours. For any salon pros out there, be sure to check out our 2023 Class Offerings to master your styling techniques for all curl types. Request a class HERE. 

Here's what some of our fans have to say about these two transformational formulas... 

Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth® 

"Pure magic. This has, hands-down been my favorite product for years. It smooths away flyaways, seems to reduce drying time and smells heavenly. It is super lightweight and never feels gunky or greasy. Love and totally recommend." 
- Anna E., Consumer 
"Goes a long way. I have used tons of these creams, and I can literally use a quarter of what I'd normally use for my hair. I really love Colorproof products." 
- Jennifer D., Consumer 

Tru Curl® Enhancing Crème

"So excellent. My hair felt so smooth, soft and healthy after using. Loved that it made my hair remarkably smoother without any frizz or added weight."
- Roberta G., Colorproof Educator 
"I'm blown away by the performance. Tru Curl is a clear winner, from the look and feel of the product, to the fragrance and the outstanding results. Kept my curls nice and alive, but not sticky and clumped together. It's become a favorite-go-to product for me." 
- Tom A., Stylist Tester 
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