Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the Lines

Colorproof is a brand deeply inspired by and connected to all things color. Our portfolio of innovative hair care solutions goes beyond just being color safe. We ensure your color investment with protection that's pure color proof. This year, we are shaking things up and breaking away from the norm by COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINES.

We understand that there is never a one-sit-fits-all approach when it comes to self-expression and color care. Your perfect product combination can sway with the seasons and change based on your hair needs and stylistic desires. We encourage you to look beyond the constraints of a single product collection and embrace the endless possibilities of a mix-and-match world. Shampoo for the hair you have, and condition for the hair you want. Prep, treat, and style across Colorproof Collections to create your personal color story - one that's unique and truly you with unrivaled color protection. Because that's what we do.

Now let's cue up that color. Check out our 'Coloring Outside the Lines' Guide to mixing and matching products for your best hair days ever. CLICK HERE->


Also, don't miss our 2023 Campaign Video for inspiration of what can be achieved when you color outside the lines.

What's your color story?
We want to see your favorite color combinations. Share on social and tag us: #colorproofhair #mycolorstory

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