Top Hair Trends We’re Excited to See in 2024

Top Hair Trends We’re Excited to See in 2024

What’s at the top of your 2024 mood board? Whether you’re strategizing big life changes or doubling down on your current goals, there’s something so special about envisioning our future selves this time of year. We can feel so much hope in the air!

Of course, no 2024 scheme would be complete without a hairstyle that inspires you. When your hair reflects your truest self, it’s easy to feel at the top of your game. So, are you ready to find your next great look?

We’ve gathered next year’s most anticipated hair trends, and we have a feeling you’re going to love them just as much as we do. From cuts to colors to accessories, keep reading to see what’s in store for 2024!

More Throwback Bangs

Bangs aren’t for everyone, but they’ve certainly been having a renaissance these days. Curtain bangs have been especially trendy throughout 2023, and trend forecasters predict that they may evolve into a couple of new-ish trends in 2024.

We’re using ‘new-ish’ here because the two top trends we’re anticipating are actually throwback looks: the 70s Birkin bangs and the Y2K side bang.

For the Birkin bangs, picture long, subtle layers with full French bangs – essentially your classic Zooey Deschanel New Girl look. For the Y2K side bang, picture a flat-ironed, flipped-from-a-side part sweeping bang.

The best part about bangs? Eventually, they always grow out. So why not experiment in 2024?!

Bangs do require a lot of heat to keep them in check, so remember to use either our Essential Leave-In, Moisture Styling Crème or Volume Blow Dry Spray before you start styling.

The Glossy Shag

The shaggy bob had its moment in 2023. In 2024, experts expect to see a more polished, glossy shag step into the limelight. This cut has longer, straighter layers than the 2023 shag, plus more flipped-up ends. And, for an extra touch, you might see it paired with long, wispy bangs.

For an ultra-glossy finish, you’ll get great results from the Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth – especially when paired with the Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner!

On the flip side, the shaggy bob might also evolve into a much shorter 90s-style bob – think early 2000s Victoria Beckham. This one will require a bit more sculpting, so you might want to check out something like our Styling Putty or Rule Breaker Defining Wax.

Soft, Long Layers

Trend forecasters are saying that 2024 will be the year of easy, relaxed and lived-in hairstyles. For those of us with thicker hair, that trend may take the form of soft, long layers, sometimes referred to as Butterfly Layers.

This style is at its best with voluminous, flowing locks. On top of using our Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner, take advantage of a round brush dryer with the Volume Blow Dry Spray to reach maximum volume. For even more body, use a lightweight mousse – like our Lift It Mousse – during your blowout.

Experimental Buzzcut Colors

Not everyone will feel their best in relaxed hairstyles this year. In need of something a bit bolder?

In 2024, boy cuts, buzzcuts and cropped pixies will be accentuated by bright and flashy colors. From electric blue to hot pink to your neon shade of choice, don’t hold back from expressing your most colorful self!

To keep your experimental color as bright as possible between salon visits, be picky about your products, and don’t just go for something labeled ‘color-safe.’ You’ll have much better luck with formulas that enhance color and hair health on multiple fronts – AKA, everything in the Colorproof collection.

Oh, and if your color starts to take a toll on your hair health, go for anything in our Baobab Recovery line. It’ll rejuvenate, fortify and smooth out those strands in no time!

Continued Copper Colors

If you missed out on 2023’s copper color trend, you’re in luck. It’s not going away in 2024, and you’ll even see a new range of red shades step onto the scene.

From a deep pecan red to a warm amber to a reddish gold known as ‘iced tea,’ 2024 will be the year of enchantingly playful ginger shades.

If this will be the first time you’re going for a red tone, heads up that this shade is especially prone to fading. Be extra diligent about using heat protectants, like the Fiber Blast Texture Crème or Biorepair Thicken Blow Dry Spray.

Warm Honey Blonde

Exhausted by the commitment to maintaining cool blonde toners and root-to-end color? In 2024, you may finally catch a break. Trend forecasters are predicting that warm, lived-in blond balayage will once again become the norm.

We keep coming across the colors ‘honey’ blonde and ‘buttercream’ blonde, which have a subtle, sweet appeal and a whole lot of warmth. As for the lived-in trend, you won’t need to worry about darker roots this year. Blondes will be keeping it casual this year, and you can, too!

Deep Gold or ‘Expensive’ Brunette

2024 will be a great year for brunettes, thanks to two of the better-named trends on the horizon: deep gold and ‘expensive’ brunette.

The deep gold option will feature richly colored hazelnut undertones and subtle, warm highlights. The goal is lots of dimension while remaining strictly brunette.

The ‘expensive’ brunette is a luxurious take on the classic color featuring lots of gloss and shine. The goal is a natural-looking dark brunette shade with a silky, shiny finish. Our best-selling Smooth Drops will rise to the occasion – with just a few drops, you’ll get that extra boost of luster and shine.

Headbands and Bows

Want to up your accessory game? The coquette aesthetic will continue going strong in 2024 with two notable trends: thick fabric headbands (American Girl style) and long, elegant bows.

Both will look their best with fully-styled hair! We expect to have a lot of fun pulling back fresh blowouts with chic headbands and topping off thick buns with sweet, posh-looking bows.

What hair trends are you most excited to play with in 2024? Let us know with a tag on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproohair) to share your color journey. No matter how you choose to shake things up this year, we can’t wait to see how you rock it!

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