How to Maintain Your Color in 2024

How to Maintain Your Color in 2024

It’s hard to describe the feeling of moving through the world with freshly colored hair. Smiling feels brighter, outfits feel fiercer, and life simply feels… better. What if we told you all of 2024 could feel that way?

As you dream up your vision board for next year, don’t forget to add vibrant hair color to the list. Our entire mission is focused on maintaining and fortifying incredible hair color, which means we know what it takes to make the most of each salon session.

Keep reading to learn how to best care for your vibrant hair color era this New Year!

Look Beyond Just ‘Color-Safe’

Even if you already use products labeled ‘color-safe,’ there’s a good chance you’re still fading your color with each use.

Why do so many ‘color-safe’ products fail to live up to their promises? Unfortunately, merely being sulfate-free doesn’t ensure lasting vibrancy. In fact, there are a ton of factors that cause fading. It’s also important to avoid salt (sodium chloride), harsh alcohols such as Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl alcohol and products without UVA/UVB combatants.

Additionally, the unhealthier your hair is, the faster your products will strip your color. Because so many generic ‘color-safe’ products contain damaging chemicals that do little to boost hair health, any color protection benefits struggle to make a difference.

So, the #1 way to maintain your hair color in 2024? Looking beyond the ‘color-safe’ label and investing in products that actually preserve color and nourish your hair!

Every single product here at Colorproof is formulated with a multi-faceted approach to color protection. But, for anyone with any type of color-treated hair, there’s one especially reliable place to start: the Essentials collection.

From the pre-shampoo Pre-Tox Spray treatment and our Best-Selling Clear It Up Shampoo, to the catch-all Instant Reboot Treatment Masque, we recommend this line to anyone who needs a change in their routine–a change for the better, that is!

Of course, haircare is never a one-stop shop. Continue incorporating these techniques and recommendations throughout 2024 to achieve the vibrant color you’ve always wanted!

1. Use Cooler Water With a Gentle Shampoo

A scorching hot shower may feel fantastic, but it can also contribute to color fading. When it’s time to wash your hair, try experimenting with cooler temperatures – at least during the shampoo stage. The colder, the better!

Of course, you won’t get far without one of those beyond color-safe shampoos we talked about. At Colorproof, we have quite a few to choose from, and each is gentle enough for daily use (no more relying on dry shampoo!).

Here’s the lowdown: Clear It Up removes build-up to wash away dullness. Moisture Shampoo adds nourishing hydration with a lightweight finish. Volume Shampoo boosts fullness. Smooth Shampoo fights frizz. Baobab Recovery revitalizes unruly strands. Biorepair Thicken encourages new growth. And for dedicated blondes and curly-haired customers, Daily Blonde and Curl Shampoo will do the trick.

2. Indulge in a Weekly Hair Mask

As beautiful as colored hair may be, it can take a toll on your hair’s overall health over time. And when hair is suffering from damage, the first thing to go, unfortunately, is color.

To incorporate more nutrients into your routine, choose a dedicated day of the week to indulge in your favorite hair mask. As usual, remember to be picky about the ingredients!

Our top health-boosting and color-enhancing masks are the Instant Reboot Treatment Masque and the Moisture Masque. Instant Reboot is a two-part treatment that offers instant transformation, while Moisture Masque infuses moisture and shine.

If you’re on the toning train, you’ll also love the Weekly Blonde Masque, an ultra-pigmented purple treatment.

3. Air Dry Whenever Possible

Now that you know about the impact of high heat and damaged strands, you might be wondering about the blow dryer. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but too much blow-drying can definitely fade colors faster.

A lower temperature will help, but you can also experiment with air-dry styling. Our Fiber Blast Texture Crème will help you rise to the occasion – apply it to dry hair, then bend, twist and shape your strands to create natural separation, texture and definition.

4. Always Use Heat Protection

What’s the point of dying your hair if you don’t style it to your heart’s desire? When it is time to use heat, simply apply your heat protection of choice – ideally from root to strand.

Many of our products for other hair goals incorporate heat protection, including our Moisture Styling Creme, Lift It® Mousse, Super Plump Whipped Mousse and our Volume Blow Dry Spray and Biorepair Thicken Blow Dry Spray. You’ll even get protection from our Styling Putty and Fiber Blast Texture Crème!

5. Don’t Forget Your Leave-In

Another way to get heat protection and more vibrant strands is a daily Leave-In. Whether you’re using heat or not, this step is a must for anyone with colored hair!

Our Essential Leave-In reduces breakage and shields heat for soft, colorful hair. If you’re especially concerned with frizz or dryness, opt for the Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth, a silky blend of exclusive Abyssinian and Camellia oils.

6. Prioritize Hydration

Hydrated hair holds onto color longer. So, as you shop for your next products, consider going the moisture-focused route. We’re especially big fans of our Moisture collection in the winter, which includes the Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Styling Creme.

Vibrant color plus lusciously smooth locks?! We can’t picture anything better than that!

7. Wear a Hat

Another quick way to preserve your color is to wear a hat when heading outdoors – especially on super sunny days. Every single one of our products includes our antioxidant-rich, Advanced Color Last System to neutralize sun damage, but a hat will help block even more UVA/UVB rays.

8. Get Trims Between Color Sessions

Finally, don’t underestimate the rejuvenating power of a quick trim. Damaged, breaking and dry ends don’t hold onto color very well, making a trim an easy defense against fading. Plus, you’ll love the fresh feeling of another salon visit, even just for a trim.

Anyone else have a great feeling about 2024? With vibrant, eye-catching hair color, the sky’s the limit of what you’ll achieve this year! Keep us posted on your vibrant hair journey with a tag on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproohair) – we can’t wait to follow along!


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