The MVPs of Healthy Hair & Scalp

The MVPs of Healthy Hair & Scalp

We scrub our faces and our bodies to exfoliate and deep clean, but what about our scalps? Yes, your scalp needs that TLC, too! Just because it’s hidden by hair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp experiences build-up from dead skin cells, styling products and even germs. These impurities can sit on your scalp’s surface and plug pores and follicles. Nasty, but true. And, with the COVID-19 still rearing its ugly head, never has it been more important to detox hair and scalp.




Let’s get to the root of the problem


Healthy hair can only grow strong in a healthy scalp environment. Regular shampooing is important, but your fingers alone can’t effectively clean between the follicles. Enter Colorproof’s Scalp Cleansing Brush. This little miracle works to stimulate the scalp while removing germs, environmental impurities and build-up. By stimulating the scalp, you increase blood flow which is essential for a healthy scalp. Pair it with Clear It Up Shampoo® for the perfect deep clean. Clear It Up Shampoo® is formulated with a purifying blend of baking soda and vitamins C and E to gently detoxify, clarify, deodorize and remove build-up. Implement this dynamic duo once a week (or as needed) and watch your hair flourish. It’s a quick and easy addition to your shower routine with big benefits. Click HERE to see the Scalp Cleansing Brush in action.




Treat Me Right


Now that you have prepped hair and scalp and are working with a clean canvas let’s infuse hair with a healthy dose of nourishment, strength and repair with NEW Instant Reboot Treatment Masque. This zero-fuss treatment is designed to deliver all the benefits of a deep conditioning treatment without any processing time, heat or hassle. Faster and lighter than traditional masks, Instant Reboot delivers transformational results you can feel and see.


Step 1: Treats and lifts hair’s cuticle allowing active ingredients like moringa seed oil, shea butter and nourishing ceramides to penetrate for moisturizing, strengthening and repair.
Step 2: Seals and smooths the cuticle, locking in moisture and providing a protective, glossing seal.


Here’s what one of our testers had to say after trying Instant Reboot:


“I AM OBSESSED! I could feel the difference in my hair almost instantly. My hair has never looked so
Sleek, and the SHINE just blew me away. I had to force myself to stop touching my hair. It’s definitely
going to be THE go-to-quick service in the salon and at home!”


-Roberta Gutierrez, Colorproof Educator


Don’t Stop There


Now that you are primed and treated, we always recommend prepping hair with some leave-in goodness to continue to nourish, repair and protect long after you leave the shower. Our new universal treatment spray, Essential Leave-In, Does. It. All. Not only will it quickly and easily release tangles, preventing breakage, but it fortifies, repairs and restores softness. You’ll notice instant slip and shin, minimized static and color and heat protection for manageable, vibrant hair.


PRO TIP: Our stylists use this formula as a cutting tool to create a smooth canvas before trimming and beach go-ers and swimmers – just love this multi-taker. Spray dry hair to help saturate it before taking the plunge, and it will display water preventing hair from absorbing salt, chlorine and other pool chemicals.




These MVPs work amazingly on all hair types and are must-haves in your beauty product arsenal for healthy radiant hair. To discover additional products perfect for your hair type, check out our Custom Formula Finder. This quick quiz will help identify your hair needs so we can provide a reco just for you! Plus first-time, quiz takers will score 15% Off their purchase. Yes, please.


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