Styling Comes in all Shades

Styling Comes in all Shades

At Colorproof, we know that color care doesn’t stop when you exit the shower or leave the shampoo bowl at the salon. True color care goes through every step of your routine, extending to your leave-in treatments, prep products, and YES, even your stylers! By layering on color protection, you are ensuring your most vibrant and long-lasting color ever! That is why CP has loaded every product in our portfolio with our Advanced Color Last System™ to repair, preserve and protect.

While our Styling Collection (all dressed in black) includes formulas for most hair types, we’ve also included styling products within each signature Collection based on your specific hair needs and desired end results. For example, if you are craving instant volume and texture, look to Powder Fix Spray (part of our red Volume Collection), or if you are experiencing thinning hair and want a thickening boost for your blow dry, reach for Biorepair Thicken Blow Dry Spray (part of our mustard Thicken Collection). 

This doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match! We encourage you to color outside the lines, mix, match, layer and blend to your hearts’ content. To help you figure out which stylers are best for you, we’ve created a Styling Matrix that includes every Colorproof styler with details on shine and hold factors, usage, pro tips and which hair type it is best for. For stylists, this is a great tool to print and keep handy in your break room or at your styling station. Download HERE!

Style On!