Protect and volumize your colored hair

Spring Volume Revival: Tips for Adding Body and Bounce to Your Hair

It’s finally time to shake off the winter blues and step into spring, the season of fresh starts, new adventures and of course, fabulous hair. Are you ready to celebrate the change of seasons with a hair revival?

We have a feeling you’re already dreaming up your next color move (what else would color enthusiasts be up to?). So, while you narrow down your options, we’re here to help with something a bit trickier: body, bounce, and volume.

Reviving this aspect of your hair health can take some time and diligence, but we promise the results will be worth it – especially if you’re craving that ‘new me’ feeling.

Keep reading for our top tips for adding volume and bounce to your hair this spring.

Volume Tips: How to Add Bounce and Body to Your Hair

Start With Your Scalp

No matter your hair type, texture or color, scalp health is directly linked to your hair’s appearance. If you think your scalp is the source of your volume woes, don’t panic. With just a few key products, you can usually nurse your scalp back to health quite quickly!

For a quick scalp refresh, our Pre-Tox Spray can set your strands on the right track. This pre-shampoo treatment gently extracts built-up residue, clarifying your scalp to brighten your hair.

Like everything else in the Colorproof collection, it’s perfect for preserving and amplifying color-treated shades.

For a deeper scalp treatment, consider indulging in a scalp massage. Apart from feeling amazing, this can also stimulate the skin and encourage new hair growth!

You can execute a relaxing massage using just your fingers, but we recommend taking things up a notch with our Biorepair® Thicken Scalp Serum. Add a few drops in thinning areas (or all over), massage the skin however you’d like and allow the scalp-soothing nutrients to absorb.

Biorepair Thicken Scalp Serum

New spring, new scalp!

Don’t Use Just Any Shampoo

If volume is your goal, your choice of shampoo matters. Well, your choice of shampoo always matters, but body and bounce are especially influenced by how you wash your hair.

Our top recommendation shouldn’t come as a surprise: our best-selling Volume Shampoo delivers body, fullness, and shine with a featherlight finish. Even better, it can be used daily and helps extend the life of your color!

Volume Shampoo

However, if you’re still stuck on scalp health, we have another recommendation: our Clear It Up® Shampoo.

Remember the dulling scalp residue we mentioned? This best-selling formula keeps build-up at bay, detoxifying and clarifying impurities for a soft, vibrant finish. The result is better bounce and boosted body!

Pro tip: It can take a few weeks to see consistent results with a new shampoo, so give your formulas some time to work their magic.

Apply the Right Products in the Right Places

Next up: styling products. And we’re not just talking about the types of products to try. Are you using the right products in the right places?

Take our Texture Charge® Defining Finishing Spray, a perfect texturizer for boosting bounce. You can spray it throughout the lengths of your hair, but don’t stop there: make sure you add it to your roots, too. This small application tweak will lift the strands at the scalp level for all-day bounce!

The same strategy goes for our Powder Fix Spray, a texturizer designed to add volume to dry hair. You can spray it anywhere, but make sure your roots get a good spritz for maximum results.

This root rule also applies to our Lift It Mousse and Super Plump Whipped Mousse! Despite feeling a bit stickier than texture sprays, these body boosters should go all the way from the root to the end of your strands. Even if you have thin hair, the lightweight formulas will feel airy and fluid after styling!

On the flip side, remember to avoid applying conditioners and leave-ins at the root level. They won’t damage your scalp, but they can weigh down your hair’s natural body.

TLDR, apply the right styling products in the right places to achieve fuller volume.

Try the Upside-Down Blow Dry

For a simpler volume hack, try blow-drying your hair upside down. This may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s a well-known technique for a reason!

Of course, a blow dry wouldn’t be complete in our books without your favorite blow dry spray. In fact, both of our go-to blow dry sprays were formulated with volume in mind!

The Biorepair® Thicken Blow Dry Spray helps increase hair density, while the Volume Blow Dry Spray helps plump up each strand. Remember to apply both from root to end.

Pro-tip: If this strategy starts to interfere with your styling, aim to reach 80% dryness while upside down, then switch to an upright position.

Experiment With New Parts

Another tried and true volume-boosting technique is to move your hair part. It may feel a bit strange as you get used to the new look, but you’ll notice an instant volume kick.

If you’re worried about taming flyaways while your hair settles into the new spot, our frizz-fighting Smooth Drops can help! The level 1 hold will keep things in place with a glossy finish without sacrificing your hair’s fluidity.

Embrace Teasing on Non-Wash Days

Need to revive your volume, but don’t have time for a full wash? You may love the results of a quick teasing.

To reach your ideal volume level, you only need a comb, hairspray (like our All Around® Working Hairspray) and texturized roots. Your roots should have enough natural texture a few days after washing, but you can also spritz our Texture Charge® Defining Finishing Spray on clean hair.

Texture Charge Defining Finishing Spray

Separate your hair (ideally straight and brushed) into half-inch sections, starting at the crown of your head. Hold each section straight up and taught, then use the comb to gently comb downward from mid-shaft to your roots in a few strokes. Hairspray the sections as you go, and finish with a leave-in conditioner when you’re done.

This technique can take some practice, so make sure you give it a trial run before adding it to your regular routine!

With a full body of voluminous hair and bouncy strands, nothing can stand in your way this spring! We can’t wait to peek at your Colorproof success stories this season, so be sure to share yours using the hashtag #ColorproofHair on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproofhair).

Cheers, everyone!


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Protect and volumize your colored hair

Spring Volume Revival: Tips for Adding Body and Bounce to Your Hair

It’s finally time to shake off the winter blues and step into spring, the season of fresh starts, new adventures and of course, fabulous hair. Are you ready to celebrate... Read More