Color Crush: Rule Breaker® Defining Wax

Color Crush: Rule Breaker® Defining Wax

You know the thrill you get when you stumble upon odd combinations that work? Mixing prints in your wardrobe, salty and sweet food combos, breakfast for dinner… we’ve captured that feeling, packaged it up in our sexy black packaging and named it Rule Breaker® Defining Wax!



Rule Breaker breaks all the rules on wax. Unlike traditional waxes, this creamy wax formula is uniquely pliable to deliver the medium hold you crave with definition, shape and (in true Colorproof fashion) ultimate color protection. This favorite stylist secret and client-capable formula is versatile enough to work with all hair types and is perfectly pliable, so you can sculpt, shape, define and more. With the perfect amount of a hold and a semi-matte finish, it’s your new styling must-have.


Here’s How Rule Breaker® Defining Wax Breaks All the Rules:

  • Protects and maintains color vibrancy
  • Manipulates, shapes and reshapes your style
  • Perfect for sculpting, piecing and spot styling
  • Liquid Bamboo Fibers provide pliability and stretchable hold
  • Ozokerite Wax (it’s vegan!) creates a flexible consistency for ease of styling Hold: 3 | Shine: 2
“So excited for the return of Rule Breaker! It is my go-to product for most of my male clientele and great for smoothing flyaways and creating a perfect pony. Love its versatility and its ability to make my color work pop.”
– L. Lowell, Stylist Tester
To Use:

Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair. Style as desired.

Pro Tip:
Great for smoothing flyaways and adding structure to ponytails.
Also perfect for defining layers in shag haircuts.

Favorite Blends:
Now that you’ve learned all about Rule Breaker, ready to play? Here’s a few of our Education Teams’ favorite blends…

Rule Breaker® + Powder Fix™ Spray
Look: Bulk and sculpt styles with long-lasting shape and definition

  • Blend a pea-sized amount of Rule Breaker® Defining Wax with a half-puff of Powder Fix™ Spray, emulsify in your hands and work into style from roots to ends.
  • Sculpt into place. 

Rule Breaker + Lift It® Mousse
Look: Lift and define for flawless voluminous, velvety-soft style

  • Spray Lift It® Mousse into damp hair, at the root, using the directional actuator and comb through.
  • Blow dry using medium heat, lifting hair up and away from the head into your desired shape.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of Rule Breaker® Defining Wax to hands and work in until hands are all-over shiny.
  • Smooth and mold fringe, layers and ends into place.

Rule Breaker® + Humidity Rx® Style Lock Spray
Look: Control and reinforce your everyday signature style with maximum style protection

  • Apply a pea-size amount of Rule Breaker® Defining Wax to dry hair, focusing on unruly areas needing extra control.
  • Finish with Humidity Rx® Style Lock Spray all over as a final step to ensure long-lasting style protection.

Rule Breaker® + Radically Smooth® Taming Crème
Look: Tousle and illuminate your tresses with defined, glossy texture

  • Blend a pea-sized amount of Rule Breaker® Defining Wax with a half-pump of Radically Smooth® Taming Crème
  • and apply to dry hair, focusing on mid-shafts through ends.
  • Use fingers to separate, define and scrunch texture into place.
  • Diffuse or let air dry.

Xx, Colorproof

Protect and volumize your colored hair

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