Superior Color Protectioin Guaranteed Connected by Color

We are the Color Keepers

First and foremost, we are connected by color. Color is adventure, joy and opportunity. It expands our horizons, breaks down boundaries and eliminates hard lines. Color sparks connection to our world and each other.

For the Colorful

Our Story

Colorproof was born in 2012 to set a new standard in color care through high-performance ingredient innovation. Each formula was designed exclusively for color-treated hair while being kind to humans and the Earth alike. Collaborating with ingredient manufacturers, industry-leading stylists and chemists, Colorproof emerged as a brand of luxurious, award-winning, clean formulas that have won the hearts of hairdressers and their clients worldwide in our pursuit to keep color vibrant and true. That same collaborative spirit lives strong today in a brand where all voices are encouraged, heard and valued.

Always Evolving

We pride ourselves on being nimble and able to change quickly for the good of humankind and progress. We are constantly searching out new ingredient technology, eco-friendly practices, and product innovation to evolve our brand to be better and brighter. You are part of our process. Share with us your experience by leaving us a review or reach out through email. We love to hear from you.

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