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Colorproof Memorial Day Must-Haves

Memorial Day isn’t your average three-day weekend. Memorial Day marks the official start of summer – AKA, the official first day of your summer 2024 hair!

Determined to make a splash with a summer of spectacular looks?

Whether your schedule is jam-packed with trips or you’re staying local to soak up the sun, Colorproof can be your secret style weapon all summer long.

Even better, our Memorial Day sale is here to start things off on the right foot with 30% OFF sitewide and FREE shipping all long-weekend long! Just use code "LONGWEEKEND" at checkout and save on all your summer favorites.

And keep reading for a rundown of our travel BFFs and full-sized products perfect for stunning summertime styling.

Memorial Day with Colorproof: Must-Have Hair Products for Every Summer Plan

Travel Size Minis: Hair Essentials for TSA-Approved Packing

Coming in at just 1.7 fluid ounces, our Colorproof minis make color-safe hair care a breeze, no matter how far you go!

And, just like your favorite Colorproof shampoos and conditioners, each travel-size product targets specific hair goals with color-enhancing formulas:

Plan Against the Sun’s Color Fading Rays

As a Colorproof customer, we’re willing to bet you have a coloring session coming up (if you haven’t already hit the salon).

Did you know that spending time in the sun can fade your fresh color? Yep, UV rays aren’t a color enthusiast’s friend.

You’re here because you know how powerful color-safe products can be, but in case you’re newer to the Colorproof family, we’ll say it again…

Everyone with dyed hair should be using color-safe shampoo and color-safe conditioner – especially in the summertime!

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your other hair goals (or forgo any sunbathing).

Whether you’re rejuvenating damaged strands with the Baobab collection or working on hydration with the Moisture line, every single product here at Colorproof actually enhances the shade of your color.

The same goes for styling products. When the sun reaches its peak this summer, we recommend adding some heat protectant like our Fiber Blast Texture Crème or Essential Leave-In before heading outside!

Protect Against Heat Breakage Before it Happens

One of the best parts of summer is more opportunities to go full glam for parties, traveling, or whatever else you have planned.

The only downside? The extra heat damage your strands have to endure. If heat protection isn’t already a normal part of your routine, summer is the time to add it!

For ladies who love to blow dry their locks, a pre-heat spray like our Volume Blow Dry Spray or Biorepair® Thicken Blow Dry Spray is a quick addition. Just a few spritzes from root to end, and you’ve got heat protection up to 450°F.

For blow drying, curling or any other volume-focused heat styling, make sure you use a mousse beforehand! Both our Lift It Mousse and Super Plump® Whipped Mousse shield against heat up to 450°F, too.

For any type of styling on damp hair, your first step should be the Moisture Styling Creme or Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth! These hydration-focused formulas achieve a silky soft texture and offer protection up to 450°F.

For dry hair, any heat tools should be followed by the Essential Leave-In, which also delivers heat protection up to 450°F. This one also detangles, softens, and adds instant slip and shine! You can also use it on damp hair.

Fight the Frizz!

Raise your hand if your hair gets frightfully frizzy in the summer, no matter what you do.

We’ve been there! That’s why we’re so proud of our Smooth collection, a family of flyaway-fighting, frizz-taming formulas designed to lock in the moisture summer heat tends to zap away.

For frizz protection at the root level, you’ll love the Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner. Though gentle, these products ward off the perils of humidity and dry heat, leaving strands smooth, soft, and oh-so-touchable.

For a dose of silkiness between wash days, you can’t go wrong with our Smooth Drops, a fast featherlight treatment oil for instant luster, gloss and, of course, frizz control.

Finally, meet the newest member of the Smooth family: Cuticle Closer, a liquid rinse-out treatment designed for use right after conditioner. Leveraging the power of Avocado Oil and Hydrogenated Castor Oil, this powerful wash day formula seals and resurfaces your hair for smoothness and shine – no matter the weather or climate.

Wash Away Build Up

As you bounce between summer plans and styles, you might start to notice some lingering greasiness and dullness at the root level. That’s because all that shampoo, sweat, saltwater, and styling products can eventually build up along your scalp!

Don’t worry – with the right products, you can give your head the reset it needs to support happy hair.

An easy solution is our Clear It Up Shampoo, a clarifying concentrate that gently washes away color-dulling build-up.

A more advanced solution is our Pre-Tox Spray or Instant Reboot Treatment Masque. Apply the former on dry hair for 1-3 minutes before showering, and use the latter in place of your usual conditioner.

With a clean and clear scalp, you’ll have the foundation you need for vibrant hair all summer long!

We can’t wait to see what colors and styles you rock this season!

If you’re reading this on Memorial Day, don’t forget to take advantage of our sale with 30% OFF sitewide and FREE shipping from now until 5/27/24 at 11:59 PDT.

As usual, remember to show off your Colorproof journey using the hashtag #ColorproofHair on Instagram and TikTok (@colorproofhair), where we’re always sharing our latest tips and finds.

Happy summer, everyone!


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Colorproof products, try them today!

Colorproof Memorial Day Must-Haves

Memorial Day isn’t your average three-day weekend. Memorial Day marks the official start of summer – AKA, the official first day of your summer 2024 hair! Determined to make a... Read More