Color Expert: Pro Tips for Long-Lasting Color

Color Expert: Pro Tips for Long-Lasting Color

You invest a lot in your hair color. While it would be amazing to pop over to your go-to colorist at the first sign of fading, that is likely not an option. We get it. It’s our whole reason being. 

Our products are exclusively designed to prolong your color life to keep your salon color fresh as long as possible. Aside from making smart product choices, there are a few tried-and-true strategies for preventing color fading that start with a little at-home maintenance. We tapped the Colorproof Education Team for their favorite stylist-approved ways to preserve and protect that radiant color. 

1. Limit applying heat to your hair.

Applying heat to our strands opens up the cuticle, allowing color stressors to penetrate and fade color. This includes washing and conditioning as well as while styling.  

  • When washing and conditioning, avoid hot water and opt for more tepid-to-warm temperatures
  • When blow drying, allow your hair to air-dry 70-90% of the way before applying a blow dryer to cut down in time you are applying heat.
  • When using hot tools, keep iron temperatures below 400° and always use leave-in treatments and stylers with added heat protection.  

Choosing products:

  • Look for added heat protection as well as products that can reduce blow dry time.  
  • Use Moisture Styling Crème to reduce blow dry time and add lightweight shape and memory to your style, with added heat protection. 
  • If going for a smooth look, Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth is also a favorite for reducing blow dry time while delivering a silky, smooth blowout. 

2. Increase time between washes to keep color lasting longer.  

Washing less can actually help reduce exposure to color fading by lessening the processes that contribute to color fade.  

  • When washing, always use products created to prolong hair color; not all shampoos are created equal. Avoid sulfates and salts, which strip your color out. 
  • Rock your blowout for 1-2 days, and then switch up your looks with buns, braids, or ponytails on days 3-4 to stretch your style. 
  • On days 3-4, if feeling a little greasy, try Powder Fix Spray at the roots to help absorb oils while adding volume and texture.

Choosing products:

  • Use quality, professional products that don’t create a build-up on your hair when styling to avoid looking greasy, dull or dirty. 
  • Use Pre-Tox Spray once every week to remove product, water and environmental build-up on hair. 

3. Protect your color all day.

Sun, florescent lighting and environmental pollutants are just some of the everyday color enemies we fight. Be sure you protect your color with the right styling products that last throughout the day. If you are spending the day out in the sun, you should be protecting your hair just as your protect your skin. Use a leave-in treatment prior to styling and consider styles that limit the sun and wind exposure like braids and buns, as well as looking to hats to accessorize.  

Choosing products:

  • In leave-in treatments and stylers, always look for protection from sun and heat damage and avoid styling products formulated with salts. Some manufacturers use salt to thicken formulas; however, it is a natural exfoliant and one of the worst ingredients for hair color.  
  • Use Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray to protect and prolong your style, giving it a final layer of protection from sun and environmental damage



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