Color Expert: Meg Schipani’s Flame

Color Expert: Meg Schipani’s Flame

We just can’t get enough. Colorproof Ambassador and L.A.-based master colorist Meg Schipani @shmeggsandbaconn created this flaming look for one of her clients using strategic bleach placement to create the very specific effect.

The placement of bleach is carefully chosen to lighten certain sections of the hair while leaving other sections darker to create a specific shape. Once hair has been lightened in your desired shape, the next step is to apply the high-fashion color or colors. For Meg’s look, she chose a progressive palette of three colors (yellow, orange and red), which she carefully applied to the lightened area, blending slightly with her brush where colors meet to cause a subtle transition. The finishing touch: Colorproof’s Moisture Masque. A small amount applied to the finished look delivers ongoing moisture and glossy shine and even helps set the style.

Check out this YouTube Short for the play-by-play. What shape will you choose?



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