SuperSheer Kit

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These HYPOALLERGENIC* formulas deliver the  unsurpassed performance you expect from ColorProof with ZERO SILICONES and ZERO FRAGRANCES in addition to our extensive “free-of” list. Leaves hair featherlight, super clean, airy results, unlike any other. Enjoy our CP Detangling Brush on the house!

  • Innovative, high-performance, clean technology 
  • Perfect for customers with fragrance or ingredient sensitivities, or a clean-living lifestyle 
  • Leaves hair featherlight, with super clean, airy results 
  • Provides full spectrum color and heat protection 

SuperSheer Clean Shampoo 8.5 Oz.
SuperSheer Clean Conditioner 8.5 Oz.
Free Detangling Brush (Value $20)

*Based on a Repeat Insult Patch Test of 110 consumers by an independent lab

100% Vegan
Made of 10% Ocean Recycled Products
Cruelty Free
Ultra Concentrated
How to use
  1. CLEANSE: Wet hair, lather, rinse.
  2. CONDITION: Apply to clean, wet hair. Rinse.
Key ingredients
  • Proprietary blend of eleven sulfate-free, salt-free surfactants for extra-gentle cleansing without stripping color 
  • Blue lotus flower delivers immediate moisture, elasticity and shine 
  • Edelweiss delivers 10x more antioxidants that vitamin C for superior color protection 
  • Shea butter and jojoba naturally nourish and detangle 
  • Baobab superfruit, rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins A, D, and E, nourishes, boosts collagen, restores elasticity, and repairs damage 
  • Carob tree oligopeptides provide a protective film around the hair to strengthen while preventing breakage.
  • Does not contain: Almond, Beechnut, Brazil nut, Bush nut, Butternut, Cashew, Chestnut, Filbert, Gingko nut, Hazelnut, Hickory nut, Lichee nut, Macadamia nut, Nangai nut, Peanut, Pecan, Pine nut, Pistachio, Shea nut, Soy, Walnut

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