TruCurl® Curl Therapy Kit
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Instantly experience bouncy, FRIZZ-FREE, resilient curls! TruCurl® was designed especially for you to enhance, define and protect your precious curls. These super-gentle formulas never disrupt the hairs' cuticle, to keep frizz at bay while setting the foundation for perfectly-formed curls.


TruCurl® Curl Perfecting Shampoo 10.1 oz. & Condition 8.5 oz.

Gently cleanse and condition with these sulfate-free revitalizing formulas designed for the specialized needs of curly, color-treated hair without disturbing the cuticle.


CurlyLocks® Color Protect Curl Mousse 9 oz.

This genius foam mousse enhances and defines natural curl pattern while delivering root-to-tip moisture and frizz free curls with 84% better curl retention*.

*Results based on ingredient manufacturer testing.