Trend Report 2021

Trend Report 2021

2021 Hair Trends

So long 2020. We are happy to say goodbye to a crazy year of otherwise unforgivable hair trends thanks to quarantining and salon closures. While many of us embraced our root regrowth, skipped trims or attempted home hair color for the first time (eek!), we did learn some important lessons in the arenas of self-care and that low maintenance hair can be sexy. As we leap into this new year with enthusiasm, we can expect to see some nods to the corona-classics but are relishing some fresh, bold, new trends to try – hopefully with the help of our salon experts! Here what to expect…


Blue Hair

Or green. Or purple. Yes, vibrant hues are trending hard. They are also the quickest to fade. Keep your shade bold and brilliant with the best shampoo for blue hair or whatever shade you choose. ColorProof’s extra gentle, sulfate-free formulas never strip color while locking color in. If not ready for full color, experiment with unexpected pops of color strategically placed by your colorist.

Full Fringe

Taking a nod from the ‘60s, these straight across bangs that fall just to or below your brows give your look an instant update. Prep hair with HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème and blow dry in a downward direction to keep fringe frizz-free and in place.


The Shag

Embrace your inner rocker chic and ask your stylist for a shag. It’s bold, badass and lets you keep some length and embrace your natural texture. Enhance that natural texture by spritzing SeaSugar Salt-Free Beach Spray on damp hair, scrunch and air-dry. It’s next-level low maintenance while scoring major style points.


Curly Bangs

Curly girls are now getting in on fringe benefits. Fringe on textured hair feels refreshing and frames the face beautifully. As with most curly cuts, make sure your stylist trims bangs dry to avoid shrinkage and secure the perfect length.


The Bob

Always a classic, this iconic style seems to make the trend list year-after-year. This smooth and sleek looks forever fashionable styled straight or with the ends flipped out - think Queen's Gambit. Or, try TextureCharge Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray for a slightly unkempt yet equally sexy look like pictured above.


Barely There

Pixies round out the list – making this low-maintenance style a go-to for girls ready to make the chop. Emerge from months at home with a fresh face, and a fresh ‘do. Nothing says new beginnings like a short crop. Extra points for a bold, platinum shade. Keep platinum brilliant with SignatureBlonde Violet Shampoo that instantly cancels brassy tones.
2021, we are ready for you!
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