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The Power of Baobab

The Power of Baobab

Imagine a tree with the ability to survive for centuries in the harsh, arid deserts of Africa AND able to produce one of the most powerful, nutritious super fruits on the planet. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! The baobab super fruit, born from Africa’s ‘Tree of Life,’ is the powerhouse ingredient that fuels ColorProof’s Baobab Heal & Repair®’s healing formulas.

Baobab’s History
For centuries Africans have used the therapeutic and sacred powers of the Baobab tree for nutrition and the healing of all living things. The tree stands as a symbol of strength for Africa. It survives for thousands of years in the harshest conditions and yet produces the most nutritious fruit conceivable. In arid months it even provides a nation of people and its wildlife essential
life-giving water. Its fruit is loaded with the most potent and life-giving nutrition on earth delivering:

6 x More Vitamin C than Oranges
 6 x More Antioxidants than Acai Berries
6 x More Antioxidants than Blueberries
6 x More Potassium than Bananas
2 x More Calcium than Milk
66% More Iron than Spinach

    While on safari in Africa, ColorProof’s founder, Jim Markham, learned about the exceptional healing properties of the fruit and wondered what’s its benefits would be for hair. Working with his team of chemists back in California, he began formulating and was astounded by the results. He calls baobab “the kind of ingredient discovery that comes along once in a lifetime.” Baobab, cold-pressed to maintain its nutritional value, combined with ColorProof’s revolutionary ingredient technology, delivers incredible strength, resilience and damage repair in a single-use, all while maintaining color longevity. The result was ColorProof’s most healing and luxurious products to-date.

    The Benefits
    Baobab formulas infuse vitality back into hair providing:

    510% Greater damage recovery*

    350% Greater smoothness and frizz control*

    375% Greater strength*

    190% Greater elasticity*

    Exceptional hydration from root-to-tip

    Incredibly brilliant shine

    Women’s Empowerment
    The healing properties of this fruit reach even further than the body. Harvested by women’s coops in Africa, the fruit collection business is having a tremendous social impact on African women’s financial independence.
     African women empowerment baobab

    Sustainable & Ecological
    The Baobab tree grows in 32 different countries across the African continent and is collected & processed using sustainable harvesting – including annual Baobab planting, education, and collection without tree damage. Every tree is community-owned and wild-harvested.
    When you buy Baobab Heal & Repair®, you are making a positive impact for women and the earth.
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