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The Holy Grail of Clean

The Holy Grail of Clean

Let’s face it. You’re a label reader. You’re done with experimenting with formulas that leave your skin dry, irritated and itchy. Or, you’re a citizen of the world that cares about making clean choices when it comes to your beauty routine.
For the ingredient junkies, the sensitive and the savvy – we’ve got you.

Did you know?
  • More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.*
  • The number of allergies is on the rise.*
  • Fragrances in cosmetics are considered “trade secrets,” so brands are not required to disclose their blends. This allows manufacturers to cover up “dirty” ingredients and allergens that may cause adverse reactions.
  • Most fragrances include allergens.

We Took the Guess Work Out!
We’ve made it easy to choose the very best for your hair with zero tradeoffs. SuperSheer is the first clinically tested HYPOALLERGENIC** formula with ZERO FRAGRANCES and ZERO SILICONES. It delivers the performance you expect from ColorProof without the extras, "baddies" and fillers. Just pure, clean performance. And we don’t stop there; SuperSheer bottles are made from 100% recycled plastics.
Clean Innovation
SuperSheer’s extra gentle formulas are powered by natural bioactives to deliver super clean, radiant results with superior color protection. Here’s what you WILL find:
What does hypoallergenic mean?
The formula is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
Why is this important?
Many people experience skin irritation from cosmetic products, not realizing that they contain ingredients with allergens. Stylists in constant contact with formulas and chemicals are at high risk for skin allergies. Allergies are on the rise* and ColorProof provides safe, high-performance formulas for this sensitive population.
How do you prove hypoallergenic?
The claim hypoallergenic is not federally regulated; however, the industry standard is to conduct skin patch testing to at least 100 people. ColorProof conducted rigorous clinical testing on our SuperSheer formulas and reported zero adverse reactions of any kind**
ColorProof formulas are already “clean,” so why the need for this system?
SuperSheer takes our already clean standards a step beyond for consumers looking for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, silicone-free formulas without sacrificing performance or color protection.
What hair type is SuperSheer good for?
All hair types can use SuperSheer; however, its sheer, ultra-light formulas are ideal for fine to medium hair.


*CDC, Gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice. Allergies. (Retrieved March 14, 2018)
**Based on a Repeat Insult Patch Test of 110 consumers by an independent lab
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