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Support Your Stylist: Here’s How

Support Your Stylist: Here’s How

With salons closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stylist community is taking a huge hit. There are a few easy ways you can show your stylist some love:

  1. Buy a Gift Card – Eventually, we will all emerge from this, and we when we do, we will all be in desperate need of a salon visit! Purchase a gift card or two to use when he or she is back in business. Think about friends and family as well and giving one as a gift!
  1. Follow, Like & Repost – Staying connected is so important. Follow your stylists’ social feeds on Facebook and Instagram! Comment, like, and tag friends to inspire new, first-time customers. Take a selfie and tag your stylist to let your network know who gave you that great style.
  1. Leave a Rave Review – Take a moment to leave a review on Yelp to help attract new clients.
  1. Pre-Book – Make your next appointment or two. Having future appointments on the calendar will give your stylist peace of mind that when the time comes, you will be there!
  1. Shop Local – Running low on shampoo or conditioner or your favorite treatments or stylers? Text your stylist and see if you can buy from him or her. Pay via Venmo and ask for a curbside pick-up, or he or she might even be willing to deliver.
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