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Sunflower Power

Sunflower Power

Sunflowers are notorious for their vibrant petals and broad faces that follow the sun as it tracks through the sky. How do they maintain their brilliance is nature’s genius. The thousands of sunflower seeds that make up its face (and the sunflower seed cake they nest in) host an abundance of potent antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and omega fatty acids that keep color brilliant. This extends not just to the petals, but in an extract form, is a proven hair color savior!
ColorProof’s Advanced ColorLast System is partially powered by Heliogenol®, a high-quality sunflower seed extract packed full of antioxidants (like vitamin E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids) to neutralize free radicals, prolonging color life.

How it Works?
Hair is continually exposed to oxidation by free radicals in our environment. Sunlight, pollution and other environmental factors alter the oxygen we need to survive. There is no escaping them as they float around in the air and through our water sources. They attack hair and scalp, creating oxidative damage resulting in color fading and diminishing the tensile strength of our hair. Exposure over time adds up to a significant amount of damage and fading.

Formulas rich in antioxidants delivered deep into the hair on a continuous basis help neutralize those free radicals maximizing color vibrancy and retention.


The Proof


Every single ColorProof formula puts sunflower power to work to preserve and protect your color. Heliogenol, together with Chromaveil® (a patented UV absorbing ingredient derived from corn), makes for a power duo keeping color brilliant and bold long after you’ve left the salon!


Be Bold. Be Brilliant.

** Photos are estimated colors. Actual results may vary.
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