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Stay Golden

Stay Golden

The days are getting longer. The air is getting warmer. Hair trends are getting lighter and brighter. With summer on the brink, clients everywhere are heading into the salon to refresh their look with sun-kissed highlights in mind. That said, there have never been more options for blonde hair color than now. Shades such as ash blonde, champagne blonde, icy white and even retro yellow blonde (thank you, Billie) join the classics of honey blonde and platinum. 

We reached out to one of our favorite classic blondes, SoCal native Helene Cortez @cortezhelene, to share her morning blonde routine.

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No matter what shade you choose, caring for your blonde investment is essential. Blonde hair can be stunning until suddenly it takes on a yellow/orange tinge. Hello, brassiness. Enter purple shampoo, a blondes’ best friend.

Purple pigments cancel out yellow, orange and brassy tones. ColorProof’s SignatureBlonde® Violet Shampoo is formulated with pure violet pigment, which instantly neutralizes brassy and yellow tones. It “tunes up” your color and keeps it bright and fresh. SignatureBlonde is perfect for blonde, bleached and silver color-treated hair but also works great on brunettes, highlighted hair and other shades experiencing discoloration.

In addition, the process of bleaching hair can leave it porous and damaged. We recommend using a leave-in treatment like SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler to fortify and repair gaps in the cuticle caused by bleaching. This product seals and smoothes hairs’ cuticles and strengthens hair from the inside out to repair and protect blondes against breakage. It leaves hair remarkably smooth, soft and glossy.

 Summer Tips for Blondes:

If possible, blondes should avoid swimming in chlorinated swimming pools, which can discolor light hair and give it a green tinge. If a swim is on the books, be sure to rinse hair thoroughly with clean water and follow with a clarifying shampoo treatment to remove hard water minerals and chlorine such as ClearItUp Detox Shampoo. ClearItUp uses a purifying blend of baking soda and vitamins C and E to clarify and remove hard water minerals and build-up without stripping color.

Also, try to stay out of the sun or wear a hat. If sun is inevitable, make sure you use products with full spectrum color and heat protection like CP to avoid fadeage. This goes for your stylers, too, which add additional layers of color protection.

Summer blonde – Let’s go!



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