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Our All-Time Favorite Summer Beauty Buys

Our All-Time Favorite Summer Beauty Buys

Tools of the Trade

There are certain beauty products that beauty editors, stylists and your most trusted friends claim as their go-to’s. You know the ones. Tried-and-true favorites that are must-haves for achieving style and have earned credibility as cult classics. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite summer beauty products for your most radiant summer style.

    1. HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray
      We get it. The air is thick. So humid you feel sticky even as you just exit the shower. Eek. Never fear, we’ve got just the thing to frizz proof your style. HumidityRx is formulated to repel moisture and seal the cuticle. Plus, it adds amazing shine. Make it your final step before walking out the door. Here’s how to use it:

          Beachy waves without the sticky, salty-side effects? We’ve got you. SeaSugar Salt-Free Beach Spray adds the perfect amount of texture without stripping your color. Simply spritz, squeeze, and twist for sultry, carefree style. Check out this video on how to use it to air dry, or with your blow drier.

            3. CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil
              We just love a product that delivers on so many levels. Just a few drops of this clear, non-staining oil, leaves your hair nourished and revived with smoothness and ultra-reflective shine. Use a few drops in your conditioner to give an extra boost of slip and shine. Then, use as a finisher to smooth flyaways and add luster.

                4. TruCurl Curl Perfecting Crème
                  Hello curly girls. This one’s for you. Skip the diffuser and still get the definition and curl boost you need. This curl defining crème delivers control while helping keep curls frizz-free and in their natural curl pattern. Blot wet hair with a microfiber hair towel or old t-shirt to remove water without disrupting the cuticle. Pump into hands and work through mid-lengths and ends. Shape curls using your fingers and air-dry. Voila.

                    5. PureRelease Instant Detangle
                      Do not hit the pool or the beach without this summer hair saver. Hair is porous and will instantly soak up chlorinated water or saltwater like a sponge. Before you dive deep, spritz this color-protecting spray throughout your locks. Hair will absorb this fortifying blend instead. Once your swim is complete, spray a bit more to help add slip and detangle, protecting against breakage and minimizing damage while combing. Plus, this handy spray includes a hefty dose of our Advanced ColorLast System to help block out UVA/UVB rays.


                      There you have it – our tried-and-true styling favorite products for effortless summer hair!


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