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It is Time for Real Change

It is Time for Real Change

To our community,
We are using this space to pause, reflect and amplify voices that need to be heard. As a brand, we stand for integrity and never compromising. It’s the people who matter the most. All of the people. Enough is enough, long, long ago. We cannot sit silent. We encourage you to join us in speaking up against injustice. Our decisions today will shape the next generation. For that reason, we need to band together to listen, expand our hearts and our minds and be accountable. Even when it is uncomfortable. Let’s all be more awake and work to make change happen.
~Jim Markham, CEO & Founder

Jim Markham is donating 15% of every paperback or Kindle sale of his new, inspirational memoir/entrepreneurial self-help book, Big Lucky, from 6/3 - 6/10 to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

While we are still in throws of an ongoing pandemic, gathering to support one another carries a unique risk. We encourage our community to show support in whatever way they feel safe. Here are some ways you can help.

Make a Donation

ColorProof is making a donation to We encourage you to visit there, sign the petition and make a donation, if it is within your means.


Other organizations accepting donations include:

  • The Bail Project, a nonprofit that aims to mitigate incarceration rates through bail reform.

  • Black Visions Collective, a black, trans, and queer-led social justice organization and legal fund based in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

  • The National Bail Fund Network has a directory of community bail funds to which you can donate, along with a COVID-19 rapid response fund.

  • A Gas Mask Fund for black youth activists in Minneapolis is raising money to buy gas masks for demonstrators who’ve faced tear gas during protests.

  • The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which supports racial justice through advocacy, litigation, and education.

  • Communities United Against Police Brutality, which operates a crisis hotline where people can report abuse; offers legal, medical, and psychological resource referrals; and engages in political action against police brutality.

  • Northstar Health Collective, a St. Paul-based organization that provides health services and support at protests.

  • The ACLU, which provides legal services and support for a broad range of people with civil rights complaints.

  • The Know Your Rights Camp, an organization founded by Colin Kaepernick that provides education and training in black and brown communities, set up a legal fund for Minneapolis protestors.

  • Fair Fight, an organization founded by Stacey Abrams that aims to end voter suppression and equalize voting rights and access for fairer elections.

Demand Police Accountability

Make ending police brutality a litmus test for your political support. Campaign Zero — which is also accepting donations — has a comprehensive guide to policies that aim to correct broken windows policing, excessive force, racial profiling, for-profit policing, and much more. Familiarize yourself with laws in your area, and contact your representatives — at the local, state, and national level — to press them for their plans on ending discrimination in law enforcement.


Offer Resources to Protestors

If you have the means, help the movement by donating water, food, masks, hand sanitizer and supplies ahead of protests in your area. Providing these basics is one way to help support the cause.


Help with the Clean-Up Effort

If there was a protest in your area, there is likely a need for clean-up. You can help with trash bags, gloves, shovels, and other supplies.


Resources & for more information:
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