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How I Give Myself the Perfect Silky Blowout When I Can't Visit the Salon

For InStyle’s Kayla Greaves, a few weeks before the shelter-in-place orders became official, the one thing she was looking forward to was a professional blowout. However, once salons officially closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, she figured that wasn't going to happen for the foreseeable future. For Kayla, “it sucked in a first-world-problems kinda way,” but in reality, she knew she was perfectly capable of doing her own hair at home.

For her InStyle feature, Kayla reveals all of her secrets for a silky blowout, the first of which begins with thoroughly cleansing your hair and scalp.
“If you have extra-thick hair like mine, get a tool like ColorProof's Scalp Cleansing Brush to make sure you are getting the product right down to the roots.” Good call!
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The first time you use ColorProof, your hair will change forever.

Jim Markham, Founder/CEO