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Expert-Picked Purple Shampoos That Will Keep Your Blonde Hair Blonde

Expert-Picked Purple Shampoos That Will Keep Your Blonde Hair Blonde

Nothing induces mad panic quite like the moment when, a week out from a fresh dye job, you realize your blonde hair is deteriorating into a dull, yellowy mess. The importance of finding ~your~ purple shampoo is as key as finding a colorist who can handle a three-hour spiel on your Vanderpump Rules conspiracy theories. So tapped a few experts to list their favorites including ColorProof’s Jim Markham. “Your ass is brass without them.”
According to Jim, "SignatureBlonde Violet Shampoo is perfect for blonde, bleached, and silver color-treated hair, but also works great on brunettes, highlighted hair and other shades that are experiencing discoloration," says Markham. "The super gentle formula is sulfate-free and salt-free so it never strips color. Plus, it includes our Advanced ColorLast System, which delivers full-spectrum UVA/UVB color and heat protection."


ColorProof’s SignatureBlonde® is formulated using pure violet pigment, which instantly neutralizes brassy and yellow tones. It “tunes up” your color and keeps it bright and fresh. We’ve also included and a blend of abyssinian, safflower and chamomile oils to nourish, moisturize and deliver glossy shine, so unlike other purple shampoos, it doesn’t dry out locks but leaves hair healthy, conditioned and toned.
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