ColorProof is Stepping Up – Coronavirus Response

ColorProof is Stepping Up – Coronavirus Response

Even heroes need a helping hand. Especially during these challenging times. To show our appreciation for our first responders' brave service, the ColorProof team has donated 3,000 shampoos and conditioners to local hospitals. Though beauty may not be top of mind at times like these, self-care is, and we hope these products show our tremendous gratitude and offer a small silver-lining to those on the front lines.

In addition, ColorProof has donated 1,500 shampoos and conditioners to local homeless shelters in hopes of keeping our high-risk communities clean and safe.

How can you help?
Have extra masks or gloves to donate but don’t know how or where? is an easy to use website that locates hospitals and medical locations near you, with a complete list of what each need. Look up your neighborhood today and see how you can help.

Donate food to your local food bank. Check out to find your local food bank and help feed those in need.

Due to the coronavirus, there is a critical need for blood. It’s simple to do and saves lives. Go to to find a blood drive in your area.
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