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5 Blonde Myths Debunked

5 Blonde Myths Debunked

From platinum to buttery to surfer-girl streaks, blonde hair is one of the most desired shades, but it also comes with a lot of assumptions. We've debunked some common blonde myths (and provided a few tips for caring for your signature shade while were at it).
    1. Being naturally blonde is pretty rare – True!
      Only 2 percent of people in the world are natural blondes. Interestingly, only about one in 20 Americans is naturally blonde. But that doesn't mean it's not popular. One in three women dyes her locks light enough to be considered blonde.

        Purple shampoos help tone blonde hair – True!
          Think back to the color wheel from art class. Purple falls directly opposite yellow. Purple shampoos neutralize and counteract yellow and brassy tones that blondes are prone too. ColorProof's SignatureBlonde uses pure violet pigment in its shampoo and conditioner to keep brass in check while also using a moisturizing blend of abyssinian, safflower and camellia oils to moisturize so it won’t dry hair out like other purple shampoos do. Check out this mention in Ode Magazine that ranks SignatureBlonde as a best-in-class purple shampoo!

            3. Purple shampoos only work on blondes – False!
              It’s not only blondes who benefit from purple shampoo! Purple shampoos help regulate brassy tones in silver and bleached hair, and with brunettes who lighten with balayage or ombre.

                4. Brown hair grows faster than blonde hair – Wrong!
                Usually, blonde hair is finer and more prone to breakage than brown hair. This may lead to the impression that blonde hair grows slower than dark hair. However, genetic factors other than the hair color genes determine how fast hair grows.

                Blondes – time to reverse damage! The process of bleaching hair can leave it fragile and porous. We recommend using SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler after washing to restore and repair strands. This leave-in treatment illuminates hair while filling in gaps in the cuticle for a smooth finish and provides color and heat protection.
                    5. Blondes have fewer strands of hair than dark or redheads – False!
                      Blonde-haired heads have MORE – approximately 140,000 hair/head compared with 108,00 of their darker counterparts.

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