Visibly reset hairs' age while restoring optimum condition. In a single-use, even the most damaged locks are revitalized with maximum color and heat protection. 
French Vanilla & Oats Essence

• 510% Greater damage recovery* 
• 375% Greater strength* 
• Strengthens, fortifies, and repairs from the inside out 
• Infuses youthful vitality and heals for instantly softer, shiny, resilient strands 
• Seals hair’s cuticle preventing future moisture...


Grips to individual hair fibers to increase density and weightlessly volumize fine, thinning hair. Delivers active plant stem cells to restore aging tissue, strengthen, and protect against breakage. Leaves hair soft and visibly fuller with color and heat protection up to 450°. 
Bergamot, Jasmine & Eucalyptus Essence

• Heat-activated blow dry spray increases density and weightlessly volumizes 
• Thickens thinning hair and provides long-lasting, soft hold ...


CC=Complete Correction. Preps, primes, and protects. Creates a foundation for long-lasting style by evening porosity so stylers adhere for maximum 
styling performance.
Madagascar Vanilla Essence

• Evens out hairs’ porosity so styling products adhere evenly 
• Creates an invisible shield to radically repair and restore hair health 
• Helps decrease blow dry time 
• Reduces friction and protects against breakage 
• Provides unsurpassed color...


Super-charged clarifier is rehab for color-treated hair. Gently cleanses and deodorizes while removing build up. Leaves hair amazingly clean, soft, and weightless. 
Carrot & Cupuaçu Essence

• Detoxifies, clarifies, and removes build-up 
• Extremely gentle and non-stripping, unlike other clarifiers 
• Revives hair leaving it clean, deodorized, soft, and touchable 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

• Proprietary blend of eleven...


Quick, no-wash solution instantly extends style. Ultra-sheer formula absorbs oil, sweat, and odor, leaving hair soft with a clean look and feel. 
Black Currant, Jasmine & Peach Essence

• Translucent formula 
• Leaves hair feeling clean, silky, and soft with a velvety finish 
• Absorbs excess oil, sweat, residue, and odor 
• Provides maximum color and heat protection up to 450° 
• Hold: 7 | Shine 6

• Rice Starch to absorb oils, sweat,...


Transform hair to silky smooth. Light-to-medium control crème creates shape and reduces blow dry time with unsurpassed color and heat protection. 
Oranges & Crème Essence

• Humidity-resistant formula eliminates frizz 
• Provides mild control with easy brush-through 
• Creates silk-like results with shape memory 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection 
• Hold: 3 | Shine: 3

• Shea butter glycerides deliver moisture while...


Frizz-defying blow dry crème minimizes breakage and creates a silk-like finish. Reduces blow dry time with maximum color and heat protection. 
Vanilla Spice Essence

• Provides super-conditioning with long-lasting smooth control 
• Humidity-resistant formula instantly tames frizz 
• Reduces blow dry time and provides a silk-like finish 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection 
• Outstanding results on chemically-straightened hair



Goodbye tangles. This leave-in conditioning spray nourishes and reduces breakage while extending the life of your color. 

• Moisturizes, conditions, and adds extraordinary slip 
• Releases tangles to prevent breakage 
• Fortifies, repairs, and restores softness and lubricity 
• Minimizes static 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

• Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract for moisture, conditioning, and extraordinary slip ...


Effortlessly calms, controls, tames, and defies frizz for radically smooth style with color and heat protection. 
Ginger Clove & Caramel Essence

• Instantly smooths, defrizzes, and adds shine 
• Calms, controls, and protects for ultimate smooth style 
• Seals in moisture, while locking out humidity 
• Dramatically reduces blow dry time 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

• Camellia and abyssinian oils for smoothing,...


Leave-in treatment illuminates and repairs while filling in gaps in the cuticle for a smooth finish. Reinforces and protects against breakage, heat, and color fadeage. 
Honeysuckle, Chamomile & Sandalwood Essence

• Fortifies and repairs by filling in porous gaps in the cuticle caused by bleaching 
• Seals hair’s cuticle to provide a smooth and youthful finish 
• Significantly increases tensile strength and elasticity 
• Nourishes and smooths while...


Heat-activated bodybuilder plumps strands to expand volume for noticeably thicker hair with maximum color and heat protection. 
White Nectarine, Peony & Citrus Essence

• Heat-activated blow dry spray naturally plumps each strand 
• Expands volume and density with long-lasting hold and a soft finish 
• Fortifies and strengths from within while protecting against breakage 
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection 
• Hold: 6 | Shine: 5...


Featherweight bonding serum is clinically proven to seal split hairs by 94% in a single use!* Leaves hair silky with maximum color and heat protection. 
Juniper & Geranium Essence

• Fuses frayed ends together through iconic linkage to instantly repair broken fibers 
• Creates an invisible protective seal around the cuticle to smooth, repair, and protect against future damage 
• Fortifies, boosts collagen, restores elasticity, and repairs damaged cells ...