Meet the Platform Artist Team

Ruth Tedmori

Artistry Focus – Extensions, blondes, baliage

With over 15 years’ experience under her belt, Ruth decided early on that she would pursue a career in hairdressing. “I first considered hairdressing as a job to help me through college, but a month into beauty school, I decided that hairdressing was going to be my career.”

With training from industry leaders in color, cutting and finishing, Ruth’s well-rounded skill set has made her an essential member of the ColorProof team. “Teaching allows me to understand the techniques fully, but more importantly I love sharing information and helping other stylists hone their skills.”

In addition to working behind the chair and as a platform artist, Ruth has done editorial work for Vanity Fair and Bazaar, styled hair for commercials for Nike and Neutrogena, and worked backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. “I also volunteer at group homes to teach teenage girls how to style their hair and provide self-esteem workshops for women that have cancer or are in remission.”

Chad White

Artistry Focus – Wigs & hairpieces, finishing hair

With passion and attention to detail, Chad’s skill and expertise take him far beyond the salon.  In his spare time, he volunteers his time creating headpieces and wigs for local stage productions, proving the versatility of his work from every day, wearable styling to avant-garde creations.

A dedicated member of the ColorProof team, Chad believes that retailing is the only way to be successful in the salon. “ColorProof products can be used in so many different ways. I pride myself on being able to explain the how and why behind my product recommendations simply and effectively, making it easy for my clients to take products home with them.”

Always continuing his education, Chad is a Redken Certified Colorist and has attended the Michael Cole Step Up business-building class. He also competed for a chance to style hair for a Global Green fashion show held in San Francisco and won with two "Mad Men" inspired styles.

Savannah Kissel

Artistry Focus – Short haircutting, styling, finishing

Creativity and dedication to helping others have made Savannah a rising star in the ColorProof team. “Being able to help someone find a solution to a technical problem is why I love what I do.”

Highly experienced as an educator for many companies throughout her career, Savannah joined ColorProof in 2013 because she “fell in love with the products and what the company stands for.  ColorProof’s research and drive to be the best are so inspirational and unique in this industry.”

As an educator, Savannah believes that growing the next generation of stylists is crucial to the future of our industry. “To be able to share my passion and love for the brand and push myself outside of my comfort zone is why I love being an educator. I hope to inspire and encourage others to realize their fullest potential and help them grow.”

Sunnie Rushton

Artistry Focus – Haircutting, curly hair, styling, finishing

Sunnie has been asked before if she was “born with scissors in her hands” and the truth is… basically, she was. She is a second-generation hairstylist and anyone with a stylist for a parent knows you start early! Although she contemplated hard about attending law school, the second she stepped foot into beauty school, Sunny knew it was exactly where she belonged. She has been licensed and working in a salon setting for over ten years. 

“This industry has already provided me with so many amazing opportunities. Aside from being behind the chair, I have been an educator for over three years and worked fashion events, photo shoots, workshops and trade events. I have assisted industry icons in cutting classes and trend photo shoots, which has been so fulfilling.” Sunnie’s work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Beauty Launchpad, Modern Salon, Cosmo Prof, Rock n’ Roll Bride, Utah Bridal blog, and many more.

Mel Paldino

Artistry Focus – Hair texture, styling, finishing

With almost ten years as a prominent stylist, Mel Paldino has made her mark in the beauty industry and pop culture. The New York, Boston and Miami-based artist’s work has been featured on fashion runways and in music videos, magazines, advertising and television. Her client roster includes Paula Hawkins, Alec Baldwin, Kygo, the Walburgs, and designers Alex Wolf and Thomas Mann. Mel is always true to her passion. “I love being able to transform people, not just the way they look but the way they feel about themselves.”

Mel’s vast experience makes her a versatile and in-demand artist. She prides herself in her ability to learn new techniques and teach them to her fellow hair stylists, as proven in her ventures as an educator with some of our industry’s top manufacturers. She brings extensive knowledge and an easy-going demeanor to her work and thrives by surrounding herself with creative people. For Mel, “Challenges are always welcome. Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. When things are tough, that's when you learn the most.”

David & Riccardo Costa

Artistry Focus – Men’s fashion & barbering, women’s cutting, & world class competition work

British Columbia-based brothers, David and Riccardo Costa come from generations of talented stylists and have been competing in hair events since they were students. David believes that he keeps his skills up by competing in, and winning, hair competitions around the world in men and women’s cutting, and also perming and naturally curly hair. David brings humble and passionate energy to the stage where he excels at talking about products and how to use them to create specific results for your clients and models. He will amaze you with how to use products as a tool in even hair cutting.

Riccardo brings a mastery of show and entertainment as he expertly shares tips and tricks on not only his beautiful cutting and styling but how to go beyond-the-show, sharing how easy retailing products back at the salon can be. 

Together these brothers bring literal world-class entertainment, showmanship and cultural hair art to your stylists!  All of the talent and none of the ego! Accolades: Most recent winner of The Hair World in Paris France in 2017 and Gold Cup in 2018. Two-time silver medalist in Women’s Progressive Cutting and Women’s Avant Garde.